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So what is a “gentlemen’s club” in Bangkok?

And what makes the clubs in Bangkok different from VIP clubs around the world?

We’ll cover all the different aspects of gentlemen clubs in Bangkok.

But first, let’s check out the hottest venues where you can party all night.

“Bangkok-style” Gentlemen’s clubs have more than 200+ girls waiting for you.

They provide some of the best entertainment, including live music, dance acts, sexy waitresses, lap dances.

More importantly, beautiful young girls are there to keep you company all night.

We’ve checked out the latest venues and have selected the 9 best gentlemen clubs in Bangkok for VIPS like yourself!

1. The PIMP Bangkok (Menjai Town’N-Town)

The PIMP Bangkok (Menjai Town'N-Town)

The PIMP Bangkok was founded in 2011 and has become one of Bangkok’s most popular VIP gentlemen clubs.

This club is loved for its live shows with international singers and professional dance performances.

During the club’s legendary cosplay parties, you’ll get to see the hottest young girls dressed up as any character from your fantasies.

The VIP arrangements at The PIMP club are also spectacular.

Comfy rooms come with a karaoke set, a high-end audio system, and a private pool table.

When going out with a large group, you can opt for the large VIP room with your own DJ and Jacuzzi.

These rooms can accommodate up to 30 people, which is perfect for stag parties.

  • Address: Opposite PT Gas Station, 496 Rotchanamin Alley @, Pracha Uthit Rd, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
  • Opening Hours: Daily 8 pm-2 am

Official site Facebook

2. Krystal Club (Thonglor25)

Krystal Club (Thonglor25)

Krystal Club Thonglor25 is a venue in the Khlong Tan Nuea district in the center of Bangkok.

This club’s interior is a feast for the eyes, with shining chandeliers and stunning spotlights.

Head for the center stage, where music and dance performances provide guests with entertainment.

The music performances vary from band concerts to DJ sets.

On the stage, you’ll also see girls body-painted as anime figures and superheroes.

Enjoy a huge selection of booze at the bar, or rent a VIP room with a karaoke bar when going out with friends.

Krystal Club Thonglor25 has more than 300 girls to entertain you every night.

  • Address: 4, 25 Thonglor Rd, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
  • Opening Hours: Daily 8:30 pm-2:30 am

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3. Booze Club Bangkok (Menjai)

hot Thai girls dancing at Booze Club Bangkok

Booze Club is located in east Bangkok, about 12 kilometers from the central district.

This club is relatively small, but that does give it a more intimate and friendly vibe.

On the stage, you can see live music and dance acts performed by gorgeous girls.

One of the highlights is the group performances when a lot of girls dance simultaneously.

From an elevated balcony, you can get an excellent view of the stage.

Booze Club houses several VIP rooms with a huge TV, karaoke facilities, and billiard tables.

This gentlemen club also has a large pool, which can be booked by groups upon request.

  • Address: 598 Pracha Uthit Rd, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 9 pm-2:30 am; Sunday 9 pm-2 am

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4. M Club (Kasit-Nariman)

M Club Bangkok (Kasit-Nariman)

Situated in Lat Phrao district, M Club Bangkok is an excellent place to sit down for a blast.

The venue is surrounded by restaurants, making it a great spot to party after a night of eating out.

M Club Bangkok features a main stage, where bands and singers perform for the crowd.

Girls on the stage here are dressed up around a theme, such as brides and nurses.

The stage is very close to club-goers, which makes for fabulous views and interactions with the performers.

Apart from an extensive drinks menu, the bar dishes out delicious food such as grilled chicken and sushi rolls.

  • Address: 6 ประดิษฐ์มนูธรรม19, เลียบด่วน, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand
  • Opening Hours: Daily 8:30 pm-3 am

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5. Sherbet Club Bangkok (Ekamai)

Sherbet Club Bangkok (Ekamai)

Sherbet Club Bangkok is located along Ekkamai Road, southeast of Bangkok’s heart.

If you want to mingle with the crowd, the main room with atmospheric lights and shiny chandeliers is very inviting.

Musical acts from jazz groups to retro cover bands provide grand entertainment every night in the theatre arena.

Private rooms are also available for a VIP experience.

Rooms for you and your friends are equipped with a TV, karaoke, and a pool table.

And, of course, gorgeous women will join you with drinks as you enjoy the fun throughout the night.

This club’s unique feature is the fine dining menu, with sashimi, mussels, and Thai classics delivered to your table.

  • Address: 59 Soi Sukhumvit 63, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
  • Opening Hours: Daily 5 pm-12 am

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6. CZECH Club (Ekamai)

CZECH Club (Ekamai)

Not far from Sherbet, you’ll find the venue CZECH Club.

If you’re down for a bit of dancing, this is the spot in the Thai capital.

The theatre is often the stage for rock, jazz, and hip hop shows.

CZECH Club has a laid-back atmosphere, with 16 VIP rooms available for your comfort and privacy.

The rooms have a TV with a karaoke set and pool tables so that you can be entertained until the early hours.

If you decide not to rent a room, a hostess will lead you to a table where girls entertain you with games and dance performances.

Some of the club’s features include a wine bar and restaurant, where you can pair your drinks with a bite.

  • Address: 41 Ekkamai Rd, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
  • Opening Hours: Daily 8 pm-2 am

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7. Dubai Luxury Club (Ratchada)

Dubai Luxury Club (Ratchada)

The Dubai Luxury Club sits in the northeast of Bangkok.

It is within walking distance from metro station Huai Khwang. 

On the outside, the club indeed looks like Dubai, with miniature versions of Dubai’s iconic buildings.

Palm trees, fancy cars, and Arabian-styled architecture all take you to the Middle East straightaway.

Inside, the catwalk-like stage surrounded by guests’ tables is the eyecatcher.

Expect dazzling shows with light effects, smoke guns, and lively musical acts.

The stage also provides a platform for pole dancers and ‘angel’ girls who dance in groups.

Get ready for an amusing night, as the tables are located right next to the stage where beautiful girls perform.

  • Address: 202/1 Soi Ratchadaphisek 13, Khwaeng Din Daeng, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
  • Opening Hours: Daily 9 am-2 am

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8. The Play Exclusive Club (RCA)

The Play Exclusive Club (RCA)

The Play Exclusive Club is located 10 kilometers off central Bangkok.

No matter what day you decide to visit The Play Exclusive Club, there’s always high-quality live music on.

The artists playing here vary from techno DJs to Thai singer-songwriters.

Stunning girls on high heels and masked dancers get the clubbers excited during the night.

Apart from pumping beats, The Play Exclusive Club offers richly decorated VIP rooms.

Enjoy a private night out with your mates, and have fun around the pool table.

In the VIPS, sexy hostesses will take care of all your drinks and amusement.

  • Address: 559 Soi Thale Bangkok, Bang Kapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
  • Opening Hours: Daily 8:30 pm-2 am

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9. Aladdin Club (Lad Phrao)

Aladdin Club (Lad Phrao)

Located in the northeast of Bangkok, you’ll find the Alladin Club.

Aladdin Club is well known for the charming girls and low-profile atmosphere.

You’ll find the hottest girls dressed in enchanting costumes.

Aladdin Club also hosts rock concerts regularly, making it an excellent spot for music lovers.

Their VIP services include private rooms with comfy couches and sexy waitresses.

VIP rooms are incredibly spacious and come with a TV and karaoke set to sing your heart out with friends.

The bar serves the main dishes and snacks to go with your karaoke session to satisfy any cravings.

  • Address: 51 Soi Prasert-Manukich 29 Yaek 1, Chorakhe Bua, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand
  • Opening Hours: Daily 8:30 pm-2 am

10. Emerald Club Thonglor13

Emerald Club Thonglor13

Emerald Club is located in the lively Watthana district, east of central Bangkok.

This gentlemen’s club opened its doors in the second half of 2020 but is already on its way to become a crowd’s favorite.

The extravagant interior speaks class.

The girls dancing on the main stage are the definition of sexy.

Enjoy live music performances by Thai artists, or see the hot dancers at work on the stage.

Musical shows here vary from night to night.

You’ll see rock bands, The Voice contestants, and pop groups taking the spotlights.

Massive private rooms, equipped with TV screens and a billiard table, are perfect for an amusing night out with your mates.

Fuel your evening with shots and cocktails from the bar in the main dance hall.

Or have the drinks brought to your private room by sexy waitresses.

  • Address: 16 ซ Akkhara Phat Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
  • Opening Hours: Daily 8:30 pm-02:30 pm

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Bangkok Gentlemen Clubs Map

What Happens In A Gentlemen Club?

We know a lot of you have never been to this kind of adult clubs.

If you ignore what happens in a gentlemen club, how much it cost, and what’s the deal with girls there, we made a complete guide to take you through it.

Read it before you enter a g club for the first time.

Looking for more places to party in Bangkok?

Read these guides:


How did gentlemen clubs started in Bangkok?

Upper-class men in the 18th century set up traditional gentlemen’s clubs.

These social clubs have a bar, dining hall, library, billiards room, and one or more parlors for gaming.

Following World War II, America transformed the idea of a gentlemen’s club.

Businessmen in major cities meet for lunchtime meetings at “strip clubs.”

These venues provided full steaks and fine food, with erotic entertainment.

Strippers perform on stage and dance at your table, often naked.

In the late ’80s, Europe and Asia built on the concept, adding erotic performances including striptease with beautiful women on a stage.

“Gentlemen’s Clubs” in Bangkok borrow from both the American and European styles.

These luxurious clubs offer an ambiance and amenities found at traditional British clubs.

What can you expect from girls at gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok?

girls at gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok
The listed venues are classy and luxurious.

They have top-notch artists and professional dancers performing.

One thing you can expect in any gentlemen’s club in Bangkok are young and hot girls.

In most cases, these girls will dance and play games at your table, but touching and kissing is not possible.

Except for The PIMP which seems to have the most friendly girls of all the venues.

And if you want more, you will have to open a VIP private room.

Pretty much everything is possible including topless girls, lap dances, and nude stripteases.

Most clubs have the best live bands and erotic dancers performing on stage every night, including the old Exotica Exclusive Club in Thonglor.

And some clubs like The PIMP adds sexy bikini girls to the mix.

How do you approach girls at gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok?

plenty of girls at gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok
You don’t have to step up and approach a girl.

The momasan’s at the club will bring you, girls, according to your specifications.

They will stand at your table until you select them, and if you’re not happy, you can ask to see others.

Keep in mind that the girls provide you entertainment, not sexual services.

But if you get along with the girls, you can connect outside after the girls finish work.

Go to the gentlemen’s club early, so there are more girls to choose from.

How much do Bangkok gentlemen’s clubs cost?

gentlemen’s clubs vip room packages
If you open a bottle, the clubs don’t ask for an entrance fee but keep in mind these places are for guys, not ladies.

So there might be an extra fee charged for lady guests.

But we would never recommend you bring your wife to this type of place anyway!

A membership can save you a lot of money, as this often comes with lower liquor costs, free mixers, discounts on lady drinks, and more.

Other common perks of being a VIP member are getting the best tables in the club, invitations to VIP events, and prioritizing bookings.

“Lady Drinks” are not real drinks.

The girls drink out of your bottle!!

This charge refers to the “run-time” cost for a girl to hang out with you for the night.

The cost is a little different at every club and averages about 1,000 baht per hour.

So if you go party for 3 hours, expect to pay about 3,000 baht on top of the liquor and other costs for your girl’s time to entertain you.

And if you want to go for privacy, you can sometimes get a VIP room free if you open a package the same night.

If you can’t get a room into the deal, you can open a room.

The cost for a 6-person VIP room with a sound system, karaoke set, and pool table can cost around 3,500 baht for the night.

How do you order drinks at a gentlemen club in Bangkok?

drinks at a gentlemen club in Bangkok
As with any club or bar, expect plenty of drinks.

You can order at the bar or arrange a package which already includes drinks.

Expect a sea of whiskey served via bottles at your table.

Cute girls will never let your glass go empty and will challenge you to drink.

“Scissor, paper rock!”

If you lose, you can expect to get drunk and have fun along the way.

To keep costs under control for liquor, order a package of bottles.

When you order a member package, there is never a charge for mixers, and you will become a club VIP.


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