A Note from Erica, 9 March







Hello Grif-fam!

I’m Erica, the new Marketing Manager here in Griff-land. There’s an odd but warm sense of déjà vu in the air for me—not just because it’s hot cross bun and chocolate egg season already (I swear I was polishing off a bag of Cadbury eggs yesterday?!)—but because I’m back in the cosiness of the SBW Stables Theatre, a space that is nice and familiar after working on many an ATYP @ Griffin season in the past!

I’ve had an incredible time immersing myself in everything Griffin 2023 and hitting the ground running with our thrilling season of Sex Magick by Nicholas Brown. I cannot understate the joy and energy this epic production has brought to this little corner of Kings Cross, and seeing audiences rave about what they’ve just witnessed, or express their excitement for the scentscape in the foyer is simply electrifying, dear reader. Thanks to the incredible work of Community Engagement Director Gary Paramanathan and Senior Producer Leila Enright, we’re able to showcase the talents and delights of South Asian businesses and individuals through Griffin Amplify, our Community Engagement program. If you too want to be enraptured by Guna Natural’s foyer fragrances or to chow down on a delicious jalebi (or three…), then book yourself a ticket to Sex Magick, stat! You’ll want to do so sooner rather than later—this week’s remaining performances are entirely SOLD OUT with the rest of the season set to follow!

Whilst Sex Magick is busy selling out, I’m thinking further ahead to our upcoming shows, UFO by Kirby Medway & Solomon Thomas and Pony by Eloise Snape. Tickets for UFO are flying out the door faster than E.T. can phone home, and you’ll want to strap yourself in for the wild rodeo that is Pony! Can you tell that an absolute joy of marketing is making puns about our shows? But seriously, if you want to witness cutting-edge, avant garde cine-theatre, UFO is the show for you… and if you want an unapologetic and authentically real take on motherhood (set to everyone’s fave mid-90s R&B soundtrack—you know the one), then Pony is what you want. Either way, both of these incredible shows aren’t to be missed.

The last piece of good news before I leave you to the rest of your day, is that the wonderful Eve Beck has been announced as the recipient of Create NSW’s (Emerging) Incubator Fellowship for 2022/23. A theatremaker and director, Eve is set to explore women’s experiences of pain, rage and indignation in relationship to vehicles and the road in an immersive, site-specific theatrical event. This is going to be one to keep an eye out for, most definitely.

Well that’s all from me for now! I hope your Magick is Sexy, your cross buns are hot and your days are joyous!

See you at the theatre—or in Griffin’s comments section!


Erica Penollar
Marketing Manager

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