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What’s up Kings, Queens and in-betweens—it’s Kate here, and if you’re like me, you’ve just celebrated the first weekend of Sydney WorldPride 2023… and what an opening weekend it was!!! I truly tested my stamina by cutting several shapes at the 24 hour performance art party Day for Night alongside the amazing Betty Grumble aka Emma Maye Gibson‘s 24 Hour Grumble Boogie. Emma Maye is one of our delightful Griffin Studio artists for 2023. If you’re not across this self-proclaimed sex clown, absolutely check her out! (If you’re more of a Sydney WorldPride homebody, don’t worry—you can read all about the events here!)

Speaking of tantalising art and theatre, we’ve just opened Sex Magick here at the SBW Stables Theatre and what a show it is! Think sexy, think silly, think Kathakali dance live on our intimate stage. This production is expansive in all the best ways and what a trip (pun intended) it is to be taken to South India and back home to Sydney (with a shout out to the Marrickville hood). I haven’t seen such a visually STUNNING show in years! Solomon Thomas‘s video design—amazing. Raghav Handa‘s choreography—beautiful. And that’s just the beginning. Dear reader, you simply must come for the steamy chemistry and stay for the heartfelt queer love story. If you haven’t booked your tickets go! Go! Go!! 

While you’re here, considering what parties and shows you should attend for WorldPride and Mardi Gras, why not subscribe to the grooviest theatre season in town? I adore Sydney at this time of the year—Darlinghurst and Kings Cross is so alive—and I think Mardi Gras is the best way to celebrate community as old and new friends reunite on dance floors and on the streets (thank you, 78ers.) 

If I don’t see you in the theatre for this sensational spectacular, I will most certainly see you on the dance floor over the remaining Sydney WorldPride weekends. 

Until then, stay snazzy friends,
Your Mate Kate x 

Kate Marks
Administration & Ticketing Coordinator

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