Adidas Backpedals On Black Lives Matter Logo Dispute






It looks like Adidas is walkin’ it back, as the brand has rescinded its opposition against the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation’s trademark application!

The Company Initially Believed BLM’s Three-Stripe Logo Is Too Similar To Their Own

The situation unfolded earlier this week, as Reuters reports that Adidas launched a complaint on Monday over BLM’s application for a trademark that features three yellow stripes of equal length.

The brand alleged that this design closely resembled its own three-stripe logo and was “likely to cause confusion.” As such, Adidas wanted to bar BLM from using the logo on items like shirts, hats, and other goods sold by the sportswear brand.

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben shared further insight over on Twitter, as he noted that the brand was worried about how this “confusion” could potentially damage its “reputation.”

“Any defect, objection, or fault found with the goods and services offered or sold under [Black Lives Matter] would reflect on and seriously injure adidas’s reputation.”

Later in the thread, Gerben also declared, “Adidas has been very aggressive in policing its stripes. But when you look at the difference in color and shape of the stripes, I think that Adidas is unlikely to win this case if it goes to trial.”

Adidas Swiftly Withdrew Its Opposition

In spite of this speculation, however, the matter never made it to trial. Merely two days after Adidas launched its complaint, the company backtracked and noted that it was going to “withdraw its opposition.”

While further details behind the decision weren’t provided, Reuters reports that “a source close to the company” dished on how execs feared that the trademark opposition could be interpreted as a critique against BLM’s mission.

So, it looks like Adidas is going to allow BLM to continue with its trademark application process. However, we should point out that Adidas reportedly rescinded the opposition without prejudice, so the door is still open for the company to possibly bring on another case in the future.

What are your thoughts on the sportswear brand withdrawing its opposition against the BLM logo, as well as the fact that a dispute was brought on in the first place?

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