Blizzard will address ‘Diablo 4’ beta feedback “in a couple of weeks”






Following two weekends of Diablo 4 betas, series manager Rod Fergusson has confirmed that Blizzard Entertainment will address players’ feedback soon.

Taking to Twitter (via Gamesradar), Fergusson said that Blizzard is “going through all of your feedback and will have an update in a couple of weeks about what we heard and what we’re addressing”.

“Thanks for helping to test the beta and your patience as we worked through issues,” added Fergusson.

Blizzard held two beta weekends for Diablo 4, which ran from March 17-20 and March 24-26. While early impressions of the game were generally positive, server issues made getting into the test difficult on each weekend’s opening night; while some players raised queries about the game’s dungeon layouts and class balance.

Earlier in the month, Fergusson spoke to NME about some of the points that players have already raised.

On the topic of technical issues, Fergusson reiterated that Blizzard was using the beta to test its servers, and said any problems players encountered would help pave the way for Diablo 4‘s full launch on June 6.

“Sometimes as a player it can be a little frustrating, but they have to recognise that they’re helping us make the actual launch of the game that much better,” shared Fergusson.

Diablo 4. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.
Diablo 4. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

Fergusson also touched on reports that some of Diablo 4‘s classes felt underpowered, and explained that Blizzard was seeking “balance over time — not balance of the moment“.

On the topic of dungeons – which some players claimed were too repetitive – Diablo 4 director Joe Shely said the beta only featured “a fraction” of the full game’s dungeons.

“The dungeon feedback is something that’s really interesting to us,” said Shely. “The beta is isolated to a single area of the world. There are five zones in the world, and you’re only playing through Fractured Peaks. We put well over 100 dungeons in the game — many of those are not in Fractured Peaks. We expect that as you’re levelling up your character, you’re going to be adventuring through many different dungeons rather than doing the same dungeon over and over.”

However, fans of the betas have reported that one particular cutscene is breaking their graphics card — something Blizzard is currently investigating.

In other gaming news, the poorly-received PC port of The Last Of Us Part 1 has received its first patch, taking aim at a number of performance issues.

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