Brittney Taylor Accuses Her Kids’ Father Of Beating Her For Years






Brittney Taylor has responded to her recent assault and child endangerment charges. Earlier today, we learned the former Love & Hip Hop: New York star turned herself into the police last week on a warrant. The charges are for allegedly punching her children’s father, Afeez Akande, and hitting him with a bat in front of their kids.

However, in a series of online posts, Taylor accuses her ex of beating her “for three years straight.” Brittney also shared a video of a man off-camera, who she says is Afeez, seemingly admitting to causing a black eye. She also denies she hit him with a baseball bat.

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“I have been beaten for three years straight. I don’t come to the internet, I don’t even tell the cops nothing because I’m f**king traumatized. I couldn’t even go to the cops at the time this man was beating my a** cause I’m traumatized.”

Taylor also explained that reporting domestic violence incidents could lead to “the whole world calling [her] a rat.” She also accused him of giving her “busted up” eyes and beating her up while she was pregnant–though she didn’t specify which pregnancy. Brittney and Afeez share two kids–a two-year-old and an eight-month-old.

According to TMZ, which first broke Taylor’s charges, Brittney punched Afeez in the face and hit him with a baseball bat–causing a bloody laceration that he posted on Instagram on March 20.

In Brittney’s response to the allegations, she shared a text message she allegedly sent to Afeez. On March 3, 2022, at 5:58 a.m., she texted a side-view photo of deep purple bruises on her cheek.

“Smh…you hit me first, and I can’t take that. Idc how annoying I was getting you. I didn’t deserve this,” Taylor wrote in a follow-up 2022 text.

In the reaction video, Taylor added:

“This man is sitting here playing victim after beating my a** for three f**king years, during my pregnancy and everything. Excuse my language, because I don’t even want to go there because this is what they want. This is what they been wanted. It’s him and some little new girl he been with.”

She went on to claim that Afeez doesn’t take care of their children–she does.

Brittney Taylor Says She Didn’t Hit Her Children’s Father With A Baseball Bat

Taylor explained on Instagram Live that Afeez was told he couldn’t be around her. There was allegedly a conversation about his mother coming to pick up the children for a day. But when the day came, Akande showed up as well.

Taylor says she reacted by trying to avoid them and retreating to her living room. But Afeez allegedly began speaking “disrespectful” to her, including using curse words.

Her Insta-Live started skipping, but Taylor told The Shade Room that she didn’t hit Afeez with a bat and that he hit her while trespassing at her grandmother’s home. She later told fans the weapon she used was a toy.

“It’s crazy because this is a man who’s been beating my a** for years, and I finally retaliated because he trespassed into my grandmother’s home and hit me. In which he knocked my 82 year old grandmother on the floor in the midst of it. He doesn’t take care of his kid. And I did NOT hit him with a bat. That is a lie. And this happened weeks ago,” she told TSR.

She later shared this exact message with her 300,000+ followers on Instagram, along with additional details about the alleged abuse.

Brittney T. Shares A Video Of A Black Eye And Says Afeez Is Her ‘Abuser’

In an Instagram feed post, she explained that she left Miami and relocated to New York to get away from Afeez. She called him her “abuser” –mentally and physically in the caption of a video of her with a black eye.

Here’s her full caption:

“Speaking of DV. This Nigerian man has been beating on me for Years. He feels like women should obey their man and if they talk back they deserve to be hit. SMH, He’s abusing me mentally and physically. He’s beat me infront of my child more than twice. Here is a video from one time I caught him on camera in the background admitting to giving me a black eye. He’s now trying to play victim and grab a little clout along the way. It’s very sad he’s going the extra mile to try damaging me as if he hasn’t damaged me enough. He’s a dead beat sadly because my daughter loves the hell out of him smh… I just wanna be left alone. I left Miami and I’m going thru hell. I’m being stalked and disrespected every other day.”


Brittney claims she left Miami with two bags, and now Afeez won’t return her additional property and has allegedly been selling it.

“He’s not my baby father. He’s my abuser. Let’s be clear. I never hit him with a bat. He’s a liar. I hit him with a toy because he attacked me and knocked my 82 yr old grandmother to the floor in the process,” Taylor wrote. “SMH I was wrong for the way I retaliated and I turned myself in like the stand up woman I am and took my charges. There’s not excuse for violence but that was clearly reactive abuse. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.”


On Instagram Story, amid a few posts about their alleged domestic violence history, Brittney lamented not creating a paper trail of her abuse.

“It’s my fault for not starting a paper trail. I should’ve been called the cops. And every time the neighbors called the cops I told them I was okay. SMH, I’m just so traumatized,” she wrote.

She also accused Afeez of trying to gain clout by sending his allegations of domestic violence to a few blogs for weeks.

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