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With its four reputable locations, Casino Berlin is one of Germany’s most successful casino locations. It continuously sets new standards in service, entertainment and, most notably, responsible gaming. You can play poker, blackjack, slots, and more intriguing options. For decades the business has been a reliable partner with the state and the essential networks of the capital. Keep reading to discover more about Casino Berlin blackjack, poker, the needed dress code, working hours, etc.

Everything You Need to Know About Casino Berlin

Spielbank Berlin GmbH & Co. KG was founded to operate a casino in West Berlin back in the day. Things improved after a granted concession, and the company improved with its first and central location at Potsdamer Platz. In time, they managed to expand to the now-known four areas. Here are the main elements related to Casino Berlin in 2023:

🏢 Foundation 1975
🗺️ Location Potsdamer Platz, Fernsehturm, Ku’damm, Ellipse Spandau
☎️ Phone number 030 255 99 0
🎲 Games Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat
🛏️ Accommodation No
🧖 Spa No
🍴 Restaurant Yes
🍸 Bar Yes
🛍️ Shop Yes
📅 Events Yes
ℹ️ Offical Website Casino Berlin

Typical for Berlin, each casino location values more the individual style of each person than strict guidelines. As soon as you enter the gaming hall, you will be stunned by the modern design and relaxed atmosphere. Each of the Casino Berlin halls works annually, except five times on official holidays. The tasty food and drinks add the final touch of smart gaming tech and stylish interior design.

Overview of the Amenities at Casino Berlin

Casino Berlin Drinks with Casino Chips and Smoke

While you enjoy the slot machines or any Casino Berlin poker and blackjack tables, you can have a nice drink or grab a tasty bite. Each location comes with bars and restaurants. Unfortunately, there are no casino accommodations, but plenty of hotels are nearby. On top of that, you can take advantage of the Casino on tour offer – rent the croupiers and professional equipment for a fantastic experience on your turf.

Casino Berlin Dress Code

The Casino Berlin dress code policy encourages comfortable clothes for all players. The brand values each visitor’s unique style, which brings a distinctive atmosphere Casino Berlin is famous for. Still, they are specific for closed shoes and long trousers for men at the venue. Cosy and elegant clothes will do the work, but avoid flip-flops and beach shorts or skirts to be on the safe side.

Casino Berlin Entrance

Red Dice on Stacks of Coins

You will be asked for a legit ID when you enter the Casino Berlin venues. The company strictly follows the gambling laws in Germany, where the minimum age for entry is 18. The staff will use the document for age proof and proper registration in their system, as there is a registration upon-entry policy. Keep in mind the admission price of 2.00 euros in all locations. That includes the cloakroom at Potsdamer Platz.

The Player Club

You can register for the free Player Card offered at the casinos. It helps with the admission process, and you automatically become part of the Player Club. As a club member, you will receive casino-specific advantages. The membership is renewed annually informally and easily. Such VIP service resembles the intriguing loyalty programmes offered by the best online casino in Berlin, among others.

Casino Berlin Games Selection

Our overview continues with underlining the games you can find on the spot. We talk about Casino Berlin blackjack, poker, roulette, and more. According to the German gambling regulations, Berlin/Brandenburg is one of the regions where table games and slot machines are allowed. In addition, the friendly staff and croupiers are always there to help. Here is what you can find in each location:

  • Casino Berlin Potsdamer Platz: slot machines, poker, blackjack, American Roulette, Ultimate Texas Hold ’em
  • Casino Berlin Fernsehturm: slot machines, touchbet, poker, blackjack, American Roulette
  • Casino Berlin Ku’damm: slot machines, touchbet, blackjack, American Roulette, UTH
  • Casino Berlin Ellipse Spandau: slot machines, blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Know that not all variations are available throughout the working hours of the venues. Each gaming hall works daily from 11:00 a.m. ‒ 03:00 a.m., but the live table games have different opening hours. Make sure you get familiar with these details before approaching any of the Casino Berlin branches. If you feel like playing outside of these hours, you can always go for the best online casinos in the Brandenburg region.

Casino Berlin Gambling Halls

If you decide to pause betting on an online casino in Berlin, the following lines will be helpful. We present the four Casino Berlin locations in the German capital to assist in your choice of a gambling venue. Each has something unique to impress the visitors, whereas the quality is equally high in every gaming hall.

♠️ Potsdamer Platz Offers the largest poker floor in Germany
♣️ Fernsehturm The focus is on roulette, blackjack and poker
🎰 Ku’damm High-quality slot machines and baccarat
🃏 Ellipse Spandau Latest slosts and Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Regardless of which casino you pick, they are located in easy-to-reach sections of the capital. Numerous means of transportation can take you to gambling halls, including public transport and taxis, or you can walk if the desired location is within walking distance. On the plus side, a ride can also be required to and from the venues.

Casino Berlin History – The Person Responsible

Since day one, Casino Berlin has been decisively connected with sports. The founder himself was a hockey player and probably the most successful one in Germany. He started as a player for the Berlin Ice Skating Club, but after the war, his career continued in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. When he retired, he was drawn to Bad Neuenahr as the head of the local casino, but his heart stayed with Berlin. Here is Casino Berlin’s history in years:

  • 1923 to 1944 – Gustav Jaenecke played for Berlin Ice Skating Club
  • 1951 – became head of the local casino in Bad Neuenahr
  • 1975 – Gustav Jaenecke founded the Spielbank Berlin

Jaenecke had a blast of a sports career with a total of 13 times crowned as German champion. He was also successful in tennis and won the German tennis championship in 1932. His sports career in hockey and tennis ended in 1951, but the casino idea was born.

Gustav Jaenecke founded the company in 1975 and remained a member until he died in 1985. Other great tennis players managed to combine sports and gambling to become the best German poker players ever known.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Casino Berlin review ends with a selection of frequently asked questions by visitors related to the locations. Each contains essential data you might want to know before visiting Casino Berlin. That includes games, amenities, dress code, fees, working hours, etc. The results are based on in-depth research and collected info from players.

1️⃣ Who owns Casino Berlin?

Things started with a company hired to operate a gaming hall in West Berlin. Later it became the owner of Casino Berlin and its every location. The company known as Spielbank Berlin GmbH & Co. KG managed to improve and innovate the venues, making them the most popular gambling locations in the German capital.

2️⃣ What games does Casino Berlin offer?

Each location has top-notch gaming opportunities bringing the latest gambling trends to life. You can go for Casino Berlin blackjack, Casino Berlin poker, slot machines, baccarat and more. The games selection fits all types of players. Remember that table options come with a working hours schedule, so check when they are open in advance.

3️⃣ Are there any amenities at Casino Berlin?

Each location mainly covers the basics. We talk about bars and restaurants with the option for live music as entertainment. That sums up the available amenities with some additional perks like transportation. Nevertheless, the food is tasty, and the drinks are refreshing.

4️⃣ Is there a loyalty program at the Casino Berlin locations?

The land-based locations follow the example of each top-rated online casino in Berlin and include some VIP treatment. The same goes for the Casino Berlin membership policy. It consists of a free Player Card and membership with many casino-related advantages worth exploring.

5️⃣ Who founded Casino Berlin in the first place?

The origins of Casino Berlin were resolutely connected with sports, as its founder was a professional hockey and tennis player. He had won many national trophies throughout the years. The company owning Casino Berlin started its history in 1975 with Jaenecke as its founder.

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