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This month has been quite enjoyable, with many great efforts and initiatives by the community.

31,500 MEM has been awarded for contributions during November. 

Here are some of the most notable community moments:

Patzo has shown relentless enthusiasm in promoting and MarbleCards and it’s message. He, together with Mr.Reier, has taken the initiative to bring new life into the Pepe Arena once again and deliver some dope rewards for the finest Pepe connoisseurs.

Rewards for the owners of the best performing cards were spicy jpegs of all sorts, but most notable were 1/1 piece by Mr. Reier and RAYC, by Rare Designer.

He also held a twitter spaces event for 3 and a half hours, showcasing all the different ways to enjoy MarbleCards.

Overall, Patzo’s efforts make him a valuable member of the community and he deserves recognition for his efforts.

Thank you fine seur, we all hope to see more of what you can do in the future.

There are always plenty of events happening in our discord, thanks to ArchL and Incat. These include regular competitions, quests and tournaments.

Their continuous efforts to create awesome puzzles and quests for community to enjoy and have fun while solving them and trying to get them spicy KEYS to open treasure chest, has been highly apprecaited by everyone. 

Thank you sirs!

We also have to mention DinizBR hosting a football World Cup betting tournament. Doesn’t suprise me to be honest, man’s from Brazil and is well aware Brazilian team is insane this year. Gotta capitalize on the quality!

MalikaiiM has released a new collection centered around the evolution of human language in the form of EMOJI’s, as he points it out and in celebration has hosted the EmojiPop arena on MarbleCards with cool rewards, including an Edition card and 1/1 piece by him.

Also, without going too much into details, shoutout to DML for his indecent and invasive memes 24/7. Keep up the fine work sir.

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  • Join our Discord here. We have a very active community, highly recommended! We also have frequent competitions and giveaways.

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