Daily Roundup 5/8 – A Correction On Yesterday’s Pod About Ben/Kaitlyn, Nick & Natalie Come Down On Maria, VPump Season Finale, Idol Top 5, & A Grease Death With Bachelor Ties






You are listening to the Daily Roundup here as part of the Reality Steve podcast. I’m your host, Reality Steve. Thank you all for tuning in. A good Wednesday show for you. I want to start off by making a correction from yesterday’s podcast where I totally just bumbled the Caitlyn. Appearance on Ben and Ashley’s podcast.

Nick and Natalie can’t keep their mouth shut. We’ve got the Vanderpump Rules finale last night. That seemed to come out of nowhere, but that was the finale for season 11. I’ve got some more idle thoughts. Now that my favorite is gone an interesting Subject is being thrown out there in regards to the next Comedy Central, not Comedy Central roast, the next Netflix roast.

We have a death in the world of Greece that has bachelor nation ties. We’ll get to that and maybe some of the things that will wrap up at the end. We’ll get to all that momentarily. So I do want to talk about real quickly, correcting myself from yesterday in regards to what I said about Caitlin on Ben and Ashley’s podcast.

That’s what I get for not listening to it and just reading the transcript. Cause I was skipping around too much. And I got the impression from reading that Caitlin was upset at Ben for her. Being part of that podcast that Chris Harrison had Jason on and that wasn’t in and that wasn’t it at all She was never mad at him And I think Ben thought she was but the reason they brought her on was basically to say no I she was never mad at him and it was more about being upset that Chris and Jason seemed to be extending the talk of their breakup.

So remember podcast I was just like who does she think she is? You know, Ariana telling people who she can and can’t be friends with. I thought that’s what it was. I thought she was upset at Ben for at least a couple of months because he was part of that podcast, but she said no. So wanted to correct myself there.

My mistake. That’s what I get bad boy for not listening to the podcast. So if Caitlin and Ben are listening, my mistake there in the open a couple of minutes ago, I said that Nick and Natalie can’t keep their mouth shut. Once again, they ran it yesterday. Hey. Nick finally addressed Maria and her appearance on call her daddy.

However, he glossed over his relationship with her rather quickly, his producer brought it up or whoever that person is. One of the 17 people that sit on set there and they said, yeah, no, she told the truth about our friendship and that we never hooked up and that he basically just left it at that. Never addressed.

Well, how come you never brought this up during the 11 episodes you covered recapping the show every Monday night? Maybe it would have been important to say, I know that girl I’ve given her relationship advice in the past. She’s really cool or, oh, I think she’s a bitch, whatever, just, but to never mention the fact that he had any sort of relationship with her and he was liking bikini photos of her and back in 2017, and then once the show started airing, deleted them again, what do you have to hide?

If you have nothing to hide, you would have brought this up sooner. So yes, the whole thing to me is shady. Now it doesn’t matter to me if he hooked up with Maria in the past. My, my, my opinion is he did. I have nothing to prove that he did. I’m not saying that he did. Cause I have nothing to show for it.

My opinion is he did. And if he did whatever, as long as he wasn’t with anybody else at the time, and she didn’t have a boyfriend at the time, there are two consenting adults. Fine. That’s not my issue. My issue was he now monetizes his. Podcast recapping the show. One of his podcasts every week is recapping the show, Maria, obviously one of those polarizing figures this season, if not the most polarizing figure this season, and one of the most polarizing figures this franchise has ever seen, and he just didn’t bother to bring up that he had a friendship with her years ago.

And he still knew her to this day. It’s just kind of bizarre. Now, yesterday, what they did do Nick, like I said, kind of glossed over that but he did address some of the things. The other things that Maria said on the call her daddy podcast, which was the conspiracy theory that Maria threw out there as a thought that went in her head.

Like, I think once again, just like I just made a mistake on yesterday’s podcast by not listening to Caitlin on Ben’s podcast, it is clear as day that Nick and none of his 1700 producers. Listened to Maria on with call her daddy. They may have listened to clips, but they didn’t take exact wording. All Maria said was basically she found it interesting that she saw a picture with Nick and Sydney after she had gotten back from filming.

It was almost like a thought that passed in her head and maybe she should have not even said anything because it could have been misconstrued, which Nick clearly did, but Nick turned it into, Oh my God, here she is thinking that there was a giant conspiracy going on with a guy she knew from the past and a woman she had beef with in the house and all this stuff and it’s just like it wasn’t like Maria was going down a rabbit hole and did this whole long and had a Claire Danes in Homeland type board where she was pinning things across the board, trying to come up to some solution that Nick orchestrated this whole thing with Sydney.

No, she just kind of blurted it out on a podcast where it was a thought that crossed her mind. Of course, Nick took that as Maria is coming after me. Maria is attacking me and Maria is accusing me of something that I never did. Look, I don’t think he did. I don’t even like the guy and I’m saying, I don’t think he did, but I also don’t think Maria was making a big deal of it.

So that’s where Nick is in the wrong because he didn’t actually listen to the podcast. His podcast yesterday, talking about it made it a bigger deal than it was. And then at the end of that discussion. His now wife, Natalie, I’m sure a lovely woman. I’m sure just the, just the peaches of all peaches just happens to throw out there.

Well, people that I’ve talked to people that I know say that, and they were, they had just gone onto the topic of Maria possibly being the bachelorette saying that, Oh, the things that she heard was Maria was just as difficult to deal with as Claire Crawley. What? Who are you, Natalie, other than Nick’s wife, to just absolutely throw strays at someone that I guarantee you’ve never spoken to in your life?

What was the point of that? And again, I’m going to point it out every time he does this, to which Nick then to which Nick then completely agreed and said, yes, I’ve heard the same thing. So of course he backed up at what his wife was hearing. The point of the matter is it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.

I have no idea if it’s true or not. But you just threw something out there that put a contestant in a negative light. The one thing that Nick Vial told me when I went on his podcast, Steve, your words mean a lot because you have a following. You can’t just go saying things about people and not backing it up.

And all this guy does on his podcast is the same exact fucking thing. And this time it wasn’t even him that initially said it. It was his wife who I guess now is part of Bachelor Nation. It By association, I know for a fact, there’s no way that Natalie’s ever spoken to Claire in her lifetime. But she just feels the need to throw that out there on the podcast.

That, oh, Maria was difficult to deal with just like Claire was. Oh, okay, we’re just supposed to take that as face value. Because Natalie said it. Who’s not even on the show. Who’s never been on the show. It’s like she’s got this sense of entitlement because her husband is Nick Viall. And like I said, this is what he does.

This is every time I call him the only time I ever talk about Nick is when he says something that’s hypocritical of exactly what he said to me saying things without backing up and it even doesn’t even matter if it’s true or not the point being his point to me was Steve you can’t just go around saying things about these contestants it has an effect on how people view them Jesus Christ Nick then what did your wife just do talked about someone she’s never interacted with and gave the exact same Audience, a negative impression of her.

Apparently she was hard to deal with during filming. We don’t even know if that’s true. And if it is okay, if you want to say that, go ahead, but show us the proof. Tell us who you talk to, what they said and give examples, but you’re never going to do that because you don’t want to out your sources, right?

It’s exactly what I used to do. That’s what I’m saying. He’s literally doing exactly what he accused me of, and he’s done it so many times. You’ve heard me in my podcast. Say it. What is this guy’s deal? Does he think he’s above everybody that he can do exactly what he told me not to? It’s so bizarre. So bizarre.

I cannot believe Natalie of all people. It wasn’t even somebody in bachelor nation or that’s hung out with her or that was on her season, like what? These two are unbelievable. What a bunch of insufferable windbags. Both of them are now I can throw Natalie into the windbag conversation because honestly, she is, she had no reason whatsoever to say that other than, I don’t know, are they looking for clicks, they just want headlines out of things to make a good reel.

I don’t know why you would say that, even if it was true. Because if it was true, then maybe you should back it up with information. The exact same thing that Nick was telling me to do back in the day. It’s podcast brought to you by way ladies say it three, two, one. You’re too busy to be frizzy. Grab ways.

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