Drew Barrymore and Melanie Lynskey’s Ever After Reunion






Drew Barrymore is celebrating the 25th anniversary of “Ever After.” On Tuesday, the talk-show host reunited with costars Melanie Lynskey and Megan Dodds on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” and the trio relived some of their fondest memories from making the movie. “We’re just here in a time machine, and we’re back 25 years ago,” Barrymore said. “I literally can’t even believe that I get to be here with my sisters — my stepsisters.” Lynskey and Dodds were both dressed in their evil-stepsister costumes, while Barrymore wore a fairy costume similar to the one she wore in the 1998 movie.

Lynskey and Dodds went on to recall living together while filming. “It had a gorgeous view of the Dordogne River Valley,” Dodds said of their French lodgings before going on to remember how they crashed their car at one point. They also recounted stories of a time they took topless photos in a cornfield, prompting Barrymore to recall how Lucy Liu had taken nude photos of her while filming “Charlie’s Angels.” “I guess it’s just what us girls do,” Barrymore said, laughing.

“Ever After,” which reinterprets the famous Cinderella fairy tale, also starred Anjelica Huston as Cinderella’s evil stepmother, while Dougray Scott played Prince Henry. “I just wish that our Prince Henry could be here, because it’s just not the same without him. He is a true Prince Charming,” Barrymore said, before delighting the audience by welcoming Scott onto the stage via video chat. From the screen, Scott recalled begging his agent to help him get the part of Prince Henry and also thanked Barrymore for going “to bat” for him during the audition process. “There was nobody else,” Barrymore said.

Watch their reunion above.

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