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Finding electricians in Belgrade is not easy as it should be. There is a huge demand for their services. It will be challenging to find an electrician that understand English. It will be challenging to get him to visit you right away. There is a solution. Check at the top of our page for recommendations.


Tips how to find and deal with Electrical issues while In Belgrade!


  • If you are renting a House or a Villa in Belgrade the most common way is to contact your landlord and ask for his assistance. It would be wise that you put in a contract that Landlord obligations are plumbing and electricity. If you haven’t done it click here to find Interior Renovation Contractors.


  • Another smart move would be to contact your first neighbour and ask for an assistance. Most likely they would already know a number of a good Electrician. They could communicate on a local language and agree about the price.


  • You can check at the top of our page for our recommendations.




If you are looking for a team that will do a whole project, we suggest you to contact professional architects. Click here to find out more about Architect Studios in Belgrade. Team that you might hire in Belgrade could do: Proper installation, Maintenance, Repair, Do lighting and instal control systems.



Fridge Freezer Repair


Most common reason for an electrician visit is a Fridge Repair. Refrigerator Repair is your landlord obligation. If its your own apartment no worries. No matter what is an issue Belgrade Electricians will cover it. The most common issue with Refrigerators is an annoying sound. Not cooling properly is what happen often as well. Freezer not cooling and leaking. Check at the top of our page for electrician recommendations.


Washing Machine Repairs



Belgrade appliance repair is there. Only issue could be communication on English. Beside that you will get professional service. Having a local buddy on your side while repair is happening would be a wise thing to do. What is an average cost to repair a washing machine? Its hard to say exactly. Minor damage cost would be around 20 – 40 euros. Major issues could go up to 100 euros or more.



Washing Machine repair experts in Belgrade.


Opening a Venue in Belgrade


If you are planning to open a Restaurant, Nightclub or a Bar you will need a part time assistance. Having a team on your disposal is what you will need. Contact us and we will share professional contacts with you.


How much do most Electricians charge in Belgrade?

Electricians mostly charge for a project or repair. They are not charging per hour like in the most countries. Most of the families in Belgrade have a build relationship with their man. They are paying them as they agree upon the work. Who ever you choose make sure that they get paid by a project. Fixing a light will cost you from 10 euros. If is it something serious obviously price will go up. If you need a guy immediately that might also cost extra. Overall prices are affordable. What makes a difference is a quality. Make sure to get the hold of experienced Electrician.



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