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  • The Night Agent has been renewed for season 2.
  • Gabriel Basso will return as Peter Sutherland.
  • The Night Agent debuted at #1 with 168.71M hours viewed in its first week.

The Night Agent isn’t going dark any time soon. The hit Netflix series, which just premiered on March 23, got the green light for season 2 on March 29, less than a week after its release. The renewal news comes after the streaming service announced that the series debuted at #1 on the English TV List with 168.71M hours viewed. The Night Agent also ranks #3 for premiere viewing across all season 1 TV and appeared in the Top 10 in 93 countries.

So, what do we know about season 2? The second season will be hitting Netflix sooner rather than later. HollywoodLife has all the latest news about The Night Agent season 2.

Gabriel Basso
Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland. (Netflix)

The Night Agent Renewed For Season 2

“The last week has been a whirlwind as we’ve finally been able to share The Night Agent with the world,” creator/showrunner/EP Shawn Ryan said in a statement about the show’s renewal. “To see the tremendous reaction to the show has been a great joy and is a credit to our cast, our writers, our directors, our crew, and our partners at Sony Pictures Television and Netflix. We couldn’t be any prouder or more excited to get cracking on season 2 to share the further adventures of Night Action with our newfound fans.

Jinny Howe, the Vice President of Drama Series at Netflix also released a statement: “We’re proud to see The Night Agent deliver a breakout performance and become instantly embraced around the world. Shawn Ryan has created a spy thriller sensation that viewers cannot get enough of, with a stellar cast featuring Gabriel Basso, Luciane Buchanan, and Hong Chau, and we’re here to bring them more of the action and suspense they love.”

Katherine Pope, President of Sony Pictures Television, added, “We are thrilled to see The Night Agent become an instant global sensation and can’t wait to continue telling this story with our remarkable cast, creative leader, Shawn Ryan, and our wonderful partners at Netflix.”

When Is The Night Agent Season 2 Coming Out?

The Night Agent season 2 will premiere in 2024. When star Gabriel Basso posted about the exciting season 2 news, he wrote that the new season is coming in 2024. The second season will consist of 10 episodes.

The Night Agent Season 2 Cast

Gabriel Basso will be back as Peter Sutherland in season 2. There’s no Night Agent without Gabriel! As for the rest of the season 1 cast, it’s likely we’ll see Luciane Buchanan back as Rose Larkin. The entire first season revolved around protecting Rose, and her relationship with Peter eventually turned romantic.

Before season 2 was announced, Gabriel talked about the future of the series. When asked if he would like to keep telling Peter’s stories, the actor told Deadline, “I would but I think the story in season 1 is complete. All the loose ends are sort of tied up in a nice way. But I think that Peter has a lot more searching with what he knows now about his dad. I think yeah, it’d be interesting to see what happens to him because I almost think he would die. I almost think that you can’t have a sense of objective good in an environment where so many things are gray and lines are blurred and I think his taking a moral stance would be a detriment to him.”

Sarah Desjardins
Fola Evans-Akingbola and Sarah Desjardins as Chelsea and Maddie. (Netflix)

The first season also starred Hong Chau as Diane Farr, Sarah Desjardins as Maddie Renfield, and Fola Evans-Akingbola as Chelsea Arrington. Given how their storylines ended in season 1, it’ll be interesting to see if (and how) any of these main characters are incorporated into the season 2 story.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Luciane about season 2 ahead of the show’s renewal. “I have no idea. Maybe she follows in her family’s footsteps and wants to get into that, too. But I mean, I don’t know what it’s like working with your partner,” she said.

Creator Shawn Ryan revealed to Deadline that his “initial pitch” for the show was “that each season would tell its own, mostly self-enclosed, a beginning, middle and end story, and any future seasons would include a few but not most of the characters that we saw in the previous season.”

He added that future seasons would be a “whole new world in which you would see a limited number of characters from this current season going into that. But that’s something that I’d have to sit down with the writers and have it all figured out. I really love the questions that we need answered on: What does it mean that Peter would be a night agent? Where is he going? Now that Rose is going back to California to try to restart her tech career, where does that leave Peter and Rose? I think these are all questions that we almost certainly would love to answer in a potential season 2, and I certainly hope we get the opportunity to do that.

What Happened At The End Of The Night Agent Season 1?

The Night Agent began with Peter answering the call Rose made to the Night Action phone. Peter was tasked with protecting Rose after her aunt and uncle — who worked for the government — were killed. Over the course of 3 days, Peter and Rose uncovered a conspiracy and cover-up that led straight to the White House.

The Night Agent season 1 ended with Peter and Rose preventing an assassination attempt on the President of the United States, which was set up by Vice President Renfield and Gordon Wick. Peter had been falsely accused of kidnapping the Vice President’s daughter, Maddie, and became the most wanted man in the world. He was able to get onto the Camp David property and stop the President from getting on Marine One, which was rigged with a bomb.

Vice President Renfield was exposed for his involvement in the assassination attempt. Maddie survived the bombing at the lodge — not what her father intended — and testified against him.

Luciane Buchanan
Luciane Buchanan and Gabriel Basso as Rose and Peter. (Netflix)

After saving her, President Travers offered Peter a position as a night agent. He left for his first assignment in the final moments of the season after sharing a goodbye kiss with Rose.

Gabriel admitted in his Deadline interview that he’s not sure if Peter and Rose will end up together. “I think out of love for one another and out of respect for Rose, maybe he won’t reach back out to her,” he said. “Maybe he’ll recognize that if he did that it put her life in jeopardy. Reinvolving her and the danger is sort of out of love for her you probably wouldn’t.”

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