‘Harry Potter and the Chiseled Cheekbones’: AI generator combines the wizarding world with the high fashion stylings of Balenciaga – Memebase






High fashion is a world unbeknownst to most. For us regular folk, it’s a confusing, dramatic, and usually outlandish world of extremely high cheekbones, sharp jawlines, and black latex. For one brand in particular, Balenciaga, it seems like their target demographic might be vampire hunters with their dark brooding looks that would make Blade or Neo jealous. Can regular people ever understand that which is art? Our area of expertise, for regular folk, are the beloved and quirky wizards of Harry Potter– they’re simple, unfashionable, and jolly. But what if they were Balenciaga-ed?  

One person used an AI generator to show what the Harry Potter wizarding world might look like with Balenciagan fashion and the results are hilarious. Not only does everyone have the sharpest jawlines you’ve ever seen, but the dazzling accessories, chic coats, and manicured beards are simply divine. But you may ask yourself, why is everyone so shiny? Why does everyone look mean and malnourished? That’s showbiz baby

These nearly-human renderings make us all wish that they could remake HP with a touch of razzledazzle to the wizard wardrobe. Who knew that if Hagrid wore a black peacoat, trimmed his beard a little, and looked a little more brooding that he would somehow become a bonafide zaddy? Dobby, on the other hand, looks like Tilda Swinton got her hands on the one ring. Not everybody has a glow up, but everyone certainly SHOWED UP.

You’re a model, Harry… * heavy EDM music plays *

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