How to get a Serbian Tourist SIM Card






There are 3 main Phone operators in Serbia. Telenor, MTS Telekom and VIP. They are all good. They all offer Prepaid and Postpaid deals. If you are a Belgrade Expat then we suggest you to get a postpaid deal. Its overall cheaper. No inconvenience. For the postpaid deal like in any other country you will have to have a residency in Serbia. If you don’t have a residency but still want a postpaid then get your local buddy to register under his name. Make sure to pay your monthly bills on time though. If you get a prepaid and then decide to stay in Belgrade you all good. You can easily switch from Prepaid to Postpaid and keep your number. Where to get Serbian Tourist SIM Card?



Where to get Serbian SIM Card for Tourists?


If you are not in a big hurry as soon as you arrive to the airport you can easily proceed over the counter. Sometimes you can even choose your number. Choosing a number is free of charge. You will need your passport on you. As well some other details. Its super easy and straight forward. At the Belgrade Airport Staff speak English fluently. If you are visiting Belgrade by a car or you forgot to buy a Card at the airport no worry. You can get it at almost any corner. Local stores that sell Newspapers are named Kiosks. Those stores are located in the city centre as well around around the city. To get your Card in Kiosk prepare yourself to chit chat a bit on Serbian Language. Don’t expect that local person who work in a Kiosk will be fluent in English. Its not realistic. Make sure to have your passport on you.



SIM Card Belgrade

Local shop in Belgrade where you can get your Tourist SIM Card. Local name is KIOSK.





Those special numbers can not be found at Kiosks or at the Airport. You can purchase them at Telekom, Vip or Telenor Stores. Prices go from 5,000 dinars or 50 euros. Which is not that expansive if you consider prices at other countries. There was a story of a guy that purchased a number with all 8ths in Dubai. Legend says that he paid 500 k Usd. Anyways, if you are looking for a epic number go to the official stores. Easiest way would be to go to Belgrade shopping malls. You will get it done over there.

Notice: Both Prepaid and Postpaid epic Number combinations can be purchased.


Tourist Sim Cards VS Prepaid Cards


Mobile Internet Speed in Belgrade Serbia is super fast. Tourist Prepaid cards offer 4G and regular Prepaid Cards offer 3G. As you see you will be treated better if you are a tourist than a local. We suggest you to double check this info. They might change something during the time.

Good to know: Serbian Authorities are doing everything to welcome tourists from all over the world. Serbians are well known for hospitality.


Serbian Tourist SIM Card

Serbian Tourist SIM Card



How Much does Tourist Sim Card Cost?


You can find deals like 300 dinars including few Giga data. So 300 Dinars is around 2,5 euros. It’s a very good price indeed! You can get for 4000 dinars or 5 euros with more data and some calls. You can go for 1000 dinaras or around 10 euros and get 10-15 Giga plus free local calls. This is what you have to count on when it comes to your spending on Serbian Tourist SIM Cards. Once you in Belgrade they might be some other deals and promotions. You will have to check it out yourself while in Belgrade.


Important info when Buying a CARD


Any Provider you choose will work well for you. Once you decided which Serbian Tourist SIM Card you going to get, then obviously payment is coming. You can’t pay in Euros, USD or Pounds. You will have to exchange your money into local currency Dinars. So don’t even try to hustle with foreign currency. Its not going to work. You can exchange money at the airport. Exchange rate will not be as good as in the city Centre. So exchange 50-100 euros maximum. If you don’t have cash there are Atm-s at the airport. Same thing in the city Centre. You will have to have Dinars when buying a Serbian Tourist SIM Card.




Choose the right Airport Transfer at Belgrade Airport. Read about Taxis in Belgrade. If you are traveling by car there are public parking’s at city Centre. Belgrade is best to visit from Mid of May till the Mid of August. Teaming up with locals can be done easily. Feel free to start a chat with people you meet around the city. Join Belgrade Expat groups on the Facebook. Check on those groups Hot Events trough out the city. For the ultimate experience book your stay in Downtown area. Learn few words to blend in easier. Never talk about politic and history. Good vibes will bring you into good tribes. Check why did The Guardian declared 20/44 as one of the best clubs in the whole entire world. Dont spend time in Belgrade only on epic parties. Check out Art exhibitions, Galleries and Museums.

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