Is Disco Face The Next Marshmello? TikTok Seems To Think So…






Over the last few decades, the EDM scene has witnessed the rise of enigmatic artists like Marshmello, Zhu, and Daft Punk, who captivate audiences while shrouding their identities. Now, the mysterious figure known as Disco Face is stepping into the spotlight, and the buzz surrounding this anonymous producer and singer-songwriter is hard to ignore.

Debuting on TikTok in mid-2022, Disco Face quickly caught the attention of music lovers with his viral mashups, amassing over 500k followers in just four months. Known for his bright electronic dance music infused with dark, alternative influences, he stands out by using unique samples, often sourced from viral TikTokers who enthusiastically reshare his creations.

The intrigue doesn’t stop there—artists like David Kushner, CeeLo Green, and Angus & Julia Stone have taken notice of Disco Face through his captivating covers of their hit songs, each earning over 10 million views. To add to the mystique, he made a discreet appearance on Comedy Central’s TV show, “Tales From the Trip.”

Disco Face recently released “Daylight,” a stunning cover of David Kushner’s song, marking his first official label release under TH3RD BRAIN records—the team behind artists like Zhu and Emmit Fenn. In this track, he brilliantly intertwines a unique sample from Chrish, whose video garnered nearly 200 million views on TikTok.

As “Daylight” captivates listeners with its dance-worthy spin on David Kushner’s original, Disco Face leaves fans eager for more. The anticipation grows as they wonder about the person beneath the mask. Speculations abound, with some believing this could be a secret project by Bo Burnham, a testament to the enigmatic aura that Disco Face exudes.

With original works on the horizon, Disco Face’s journey is just beginning. As his musical narrative unfolds, we can’t help but wonder—what’s next for this mysterious sensation, and what other surprises will he unveil? One thing is for sure: Disco Face is an artist whose identity may remain in the shadows, but his music shines brightly for the world to embrace.

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