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March 24, 2023

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Ladies and Gentlemen, place your bets and talk derby to me. We are gearing up for the most exciting 2 minutes in sports: the Kentucky Derby. With all the essentials like a darling hat, a cute dress and a mint julep in hand, you are sure to be a classy drunken mess in no time, but it will not last furlong. Only tell your friends you are too hot to trot.

Dueling pianos

Mint Julep 

Made with mint, mint simple syrup, and bourbon, the mint julep is the iconic and quintessential Southern cocktail and cocktail of the Kentucky Derby. Traditionally, these cocktails were served up in a silver or pewter cup, by doing so, it allowed a frost to form on the outside of the cup. This delicious drink has been promoted by Churchill Downs in association with the Kentucky Derby since 1938. Each year, almost 120,000 mint juleps are served at Churchill Downs over the two-day period of Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby.

The Flashy, Over the Top, Derby Hat/Fascinator

Move over Royal Family. This is the one day a year that we out-do your hat game. According to, “The Kentucky Derby is a chance for every female to express her inner Southern Belle,” and, “wearing a hat to the Kentucky Derby is believed to bear good luck.” We’re always looking for an excuse to dress up/wear a costume. These hats can run up to almost $1,000 for a custom made one. We really like Lady Melbourne’s DIY Fascinator for Under $20!

Kentucky Derby Pie

The Kentucky Derby pie is a pecan pie that is made with walnuts instead of pecans. There’s also chocolate chips and bourbon in it. It is a great dish to soak up all the mint juleps you’ll be accidentally drinking too many of. Put this in your pie-hole with My Cooking Spot’s Flaky Kentucky Derby Pie.

Kentucky Hot Brown Sliders

Finger foods are some of the best foods out there. This yummy little sandwich stuffed with a combo of turkey, bacon, gruyere, parmesan and a garlic-butter sauce will surely stick with you before the mint juleps catch up. The only problem that comes with making Kentucky Hot Brown Sliders is that they disappear fast! Make sure to make 2-3 the amount that you think you’ll need. We like The Seasoned Mom’s Kentucky Hot Brown Sliders recipe.

Bourbon Whiskey Meatballs

These are pretty easy to whip up. If you would like to incorporate the horses into this recipe, sub it for Ikea meatballs. Made with all the tasty ingredients like brown sugar, whiskey, and bourbon, these meatballs are a crowd-pleaser for sure. Key Ingredient has a tasty and easy recipe that tastes like it took all day to make the bourbon whiskey meatballs.

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