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Regular blood testing is one of the most important ways to keep track of your overall physical HEALTH. Getting tested as a routine will allow you to know the way your body changes over time. This info will help you to determine about your lifestyle habits. Even if you do not have heart disease a random blood test can show whether you may be at risk of developing heart conditions. Same thing is with Diabetes, Cancer, Anemia or HIV. Regular testings are very much recommended! We strongly encourage you to visit Professional Medical Laboratory in Belgrade and do a routine testing.


Private Laboratories in Belgrade

Routine blood testing is a proactive way to identify potential health risks you may be associated with.



Routine testing at Belgrade Medical Laboratory


The main objective of Private Laboratories in Belgrade is to provide absolutely accurate results. Diagnosis of conditions with following up patients. Monitor treatment is mandatory. Some of Belgrade laboratory services includes tests for:


  • Sexually transmitted infection. If you have difficulty with flow, rash or feeling itchy. You can take an easy test. Most of the sexually transmitted infections STD will be diagnosed after a blood sample test. These tests can be combined with urine samples.


  • Total Blood Count. If you feel tired stressed and have difficulties sleeping consider to do Total Blood Count. These test might be very important. It indicate Nutritional deficiencies with Potential infections and Clotting problems. You will find out do you suffer from Immunise system disorders. A CBC known as total blood count is a test that check 10 different components of every major cell in your blood. Platelets, White blood cells and Red blood cells.


  • BMP. Basic Metabolic Panel. This test usually check 8 different compounds in your body. This test will show how well your liver and kidneys are working. Will show levels of chemicals in your body such as calcium, blood sugar, sodium and protein.


  • Coagulation Test. Coagulation test is used to diagnose: Leukaemia, Excessive bleeding better known as haemophilia, Liver Conditions, Vitamin K and Thrombosis.


  • Thyroid Test. If you feel tired or if your weight has changed significantly its strongly suggested to do a Thyroid check. Thyroid is a small gland located in your neck. It has very important roll in your body function. Its directly connected with your mood, energy level and metabolism. Professional laboratories in Belgrade Serbia use the latest medical technology.



Medical Laboratory in Belgrade

Regular blood testing is one of the most important ways to keep track of your overall physical well-being.



Where can i get blood tests done in Belgrade?


In private Medical Labs. Use their Home Testing Service. Medical staff will come to your home address right on time. How to find a right Laboratory? Check recommendations at the top of our page.

Does your insurance cover blood test ?


Does your insurance cover blood tests in Belgrade? Professional Medical Laboratory in Belgrade will charge you for a test at least 2-3 times less than you would pay at some other Western Countries. Most travel insurance policies cover medical expenses such as sickness, injuries or surgeries. While most of them do not cover pre-existing diseases, expenses for X ray, Magnetic resonance and blood tests. Is this the case with your insurance? Check before you pay a visit.

Good to know about Belgrade


  • Medical University in Belgrade is World Wide known


  • If you need to visit a Doctor or looking for a medical care, check out some of the best private Hospitals in Belgrade





What are the Medical Laboratory experiences by Belgrade Expats?


There are around 30,000 foreigners living in Serbia. Most of their testimonials are related to the same things. They absolutely enjoy in prices of a Lab Services. High Scale of professionalism. English speaking staff. Modern technology with fast response. Many agree that even buying a ticket from their home country and coming to Belgrade for a medical treatment would be still smarter investment than doing a job back home. Most of the medical services in Europe are just over priced. No wonder why Belgrade become No. 1 Europe Destination in a medical tourism.

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