My word of the year






As one year draws to an end and makes way for a new year, I like to reflect on the year that was and choose a theme and focus word for the new year.

Sometimes my word of the year becomes glaringly apparent without much probing. At other times including this year, I need to let it simmer for a couple of weeks.

In previous years I have created vision boards. Sometimes, I write my goals ( in a fresh new notebook, and always with a Lamy pen). At other times I sketch and doodle for a visual creation.

These are words that have been selected as my focus words in previous years. I created a vision board each year (on 1 Jan) and hung it on the wall in my office.

1 Grow

2 Balance (pictured below)

3 New

4 Focus

5 Clarity

This is my vision board from 2016

vision board from 2016

Since COVID, my priorities and purpose have evolved, and I have streamlined my offerings and processes.

I have clarity on who I can best serve, my ideal client, and how to use my expertise to help others.

After much pondering, long walks, and meditation, I have settled on ALIGNMENT as my word of the year for 2023.

word collage picture

Alignment: What does my word of the year mean to me right now?

I began the discovery to uncover my word by creating a long list. I selected the words that stirred emotion within me, and turned the list into a word cloud.

Several words kept coming up as essential for me. I narrowed this down to a few keywords. Intentional and alignment were the two words I settled on.

Alignment: How I will apply my word of the year