New ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Lisa Steals the Show, According to Fans






[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the March 28 episode of Jeopardy!]

It’s no easy feat to get into the good graces of Jeopardy! fans, whether you’re a host or a contestant.

However, contestant Lisa Sriken managed to not only win the game in the March 28 episode but the hearts of the online fans in the process.

One-day champion Nicole went up against newcomers Mara and Lisa, who, in her exchange with host Ken Jennings, insists she looks like John Oates after winning third place in a Hall & Oats music video competition. Her story about receiving emails from haters after the competition can be seen below.

Lisa’s answers and reactions were very expressive throughout the game, which many fans gravitated towards. Even while pondering the answer alongside the equally clueless contestants, her constant eye darts caught the viewers’ attention.

After successfully answering a Daily Double during Double Jeopardy, she took on the Tough Guy TV category for $1600 to move from second to first place. “Tough on the streets of Austin, tender with his boyfriend, officer Carlos Reyes is on this show with an emergency number in its title. When she wrongly, but hilariously, answers with Reno 911, Jennings couldn’t help but chuckle while confirming, despite liking that show, the answer was 9-1-1: Lone Star, “very different vibe,” Jennings jokes.

Nicole went into Final Jeopardy with $9,600 against Lisa’s $5,400 and Mara’s $4,200. The final category was Transportation USA, with the clue being, “This public agency runs the USA’s busiest bus terminal, opened in 1950 for commuters awed by its polished steel & stone.”

Both newcomers Mara and Lisa answered with the New York Port Authority correctly, the only difference being Lisa bettings $4,201 against Mara’s $4,000 and the addition of Jeb Bush’s quote “please clap” written on the bottom.

It worked, as she got applause from the audience and a 1 dollar lead before Nicole revealed to have gotten the answer wrong, blowing her lead and making Mara the winner.

Fans across Twitter and Reddit commented on how much fun the episode was, much in part due to Lisa. “Not a knock on the other contestants, but Lisa was so much fun that I’m glad she won and that we get to see her play tomorrow,” a Redditor said before ending his post with, “Please clap.”

A Twitter user said, “And a meme is born,” using a screenshot of Lisa’s many expressions.

Check out the online reaction toward the new champion below.

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