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If you have come to Mexico, or are planning in doing so, you may know by now, that Mexico is filled with tradition and history, spectacular sightseen and the best places to eat. And you may also know by now, that not only Mexico City has great things to offer. Let’s face it, any countries capital is filled with spectacular things, but the cities surrounding it are also SO MUCH FUN.

So I would like to start with a simple piece of
advice, but one of the most valuable pieces of advice you will get in your
entire life: You must come and visit Mexico. The country has so much to offer.

By all means, you will not regret it at all!!

Within Mexico there is a beautiful city called:
Queretaro.  It is a city about 200km
(approximately 125 miles or so) on the northwest side of Mexico City (capital
for the country).

But being so close to Mexico City it is easy to get
there: you can easily take a bus from the airport. Yes! Directly from the
airport, without having to move to any other place.

A very comfortable bus ride (not kidding at all!), a
yummy snack, and after a 3 hour drive, you will be in the heart of

It is also one of the most fun cities to hang out, as
it has a great variety of places to have the best of time. A great deal of
sightseeing places, a beautiful downtown full of history, great places to eat,
and last but not least: one of the cities with the most lively and spectacular nightlife
you can imagine.

Querétaro is an emerging star of a travel destination
and has quickly joined a growing list of favorite places to visit. It is such a
pleasant colonial city to experience. It is definitely worth spending at least
a few days in this gorgeous city.

First… just to put you into context a little bit of data:
Querétaro has been recognized as the metro area with the best quality of life
and as one of the safest cities within the country. That is also why it hast
become so attractive for tourists.

In 1996, the historic center of Querétaro (A.K.A
Downtown) was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. According to UNESCO “old
colonial town of Querétaro is unusual in having retained the geometric street
plan of the Spanish conquerors side by side with the twisting alleys of the natives
of the area.

Downtown is typically called “Centro Historico”, and includes downtown and nearby areas. It is surrounded by the city’s
main streets, roads and highways. Most of the city’s monuments are located
here, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site designated areas, and the “Cerro
de las Campanas” where Emperor Maximilian of Habsburg was executed.

And one of the greatest things, is that in this remarkable
“Centro Historico” nightlife comes to life in a spectacular way as downtown is
filled with bars, theatres, restaurants and surprises for all types of
pleasures and preferences.

So you can only imagine how much fun happens all over
Queretaro’s streets.

If you are looking for a great place to enjoy a meal
and a good wine, you will find tons of little restaurants in what is called: “La plaza de los perros”, or “la
plaza de Doña Josefa Ortiz”.
Anything going from a good steak to a well assembled Italian pasta, or a
more local dish like: gorditas (which
are like arepas a wheat flour based
thick tortilla, filled with you choice of cheese or pork meat).

If you are willing to try more local cuisine, you must
be prepared for spicy food, as Mexican food is pretty much based on corn,
wheat, meat and chile (chili – spicy)

But also, you can find these small cafeterias where
you can enjoy coffee or tea accompanied with delicious crepes or pastries.

But let’s move from food to more interesting things.
What can you do if you are looking to have a great time at night in this
gorgeous city?

If you are looking to go “up notch” of
just a nice dinner, there are great pubs and bars all over town. And for
different likings as well. Looking for something kind of Irish, try WICKLOW BAR
(over on “5 de Mayo” street).
You can also look up McArthy’s Pub, over
at Bernardo Quintana Avenue, or CELTICS PUB. These definitely have an
Irish fell to them. Great beer, tap or bottle, but the most interesting, is
they have an extended offer of beers of the world.

Looking for a
sports bar in Queretaro?

Although there are a bunch of sports bars all over
town, not all of them have the same atmosphere, where I can assure you, you
will have the best of times. There are some great places such as LOGAN’S
(there are at least 3 all over town), or SONORA GRILL AND BAR (in Juriquilla).  If you are in town for
Football Season, these are two great places I can assure you, you don’t want to

In the mood for
some live music?

If you are the jazz type, there is this great place
with a live band called HANK’s, also in Centro Historico.  Right next to another live music restaurant
called COMALI.  Both great places.
I highly recommend both of them.   Hank’s
is a New Orleanse inspred cuisine, as COMALI is 100% Mexican and local food.

If you are really into live music, I personally
believe there is no place in town like “La Encrucijada.”  It is a really cool rock house, you can check
them out at: . Take into account that this place is a bar not a
restaurant. Though they do serve food, it is mainly finger food to go with your

Nope! Clubbing is
what I want!

If you are looking for a great night of clubbing, definitely
Queretaro is a city that –by all means- will not disappoint.  All over town, you can find great club with
different types of music.

If you really are into dancing, you should go to “Barra
Havana Club”.
  It is this great Cuban
inspired salsa place with live music. Also an amazing place to meet women, as
Mexican women very much enjoy dancing (overall not only salsa), and end to go
in all female groups to places where they can dance.

If you are looking for something more “Pop Music”,
specifically Night Club kind of place, Queretaro is a city that has a vibrant
and dynamic club scene. You should head to some classic a loved places life: SILVANA

Places like these continue to thrive as some of the
city’s coolest venues. If you are thinking of going more to one of these
places, take into account that clubbing starts around 11:00 PM or
midnight.  So you can go first to a bar,
have a couple of beers, and then have an UBER take you to the club or clubs of
your choice.

Also it is important that you know, that law and
regulation state that night clubs close at 3:00 AM. So if you are looking to
extend the party, you will have to ask for “after parties” which
happen in houses or private venues.

Are you looking
for something really different?

If you are looking for really different kind of fun…
you should try maybe a Karaoke Bar, or a standup comedy bar. Event comic
theater is very popular in Queretaro. 
Here are a few recommendable places: 

Karaoke is something popular in Queretaro. And by the
way, these are also great places to meet women –local women mainly. You might
what to check out KantarEs on ‘Prolongacion corregidora” street, or “la Cantada Bar” in Juriquilla.  It is common for karaoke bars to have a stage
and to have props for you to “turn into your favorite artist” and sing from the
top of your lungs their most famous song. 
So if you do ever end up in a karaoke bar: let yourself go with the flow
and have a blast!

If comedy and laughter is what you are looking for you
can’t miss “Teatrito la Carcajada” (one of the most renowned
theaters in Queretaro) or “La Caja Popular” a standup comedy
bar.  Of course you might need to
understand Spanish, otherwise, you might not have a good of a time as you

Where are the Mexican locals hang out in QUERETARO?

My friends… I left the best for last. If you are
looking for something really Mexican and
, you must definitely try: LA SELVA TAURINA BAR. It is
this full of history little cantina. Yes! You read correctly. It is a 100% Mexican Cantina just like those from the
movies.  It is this little place with
more than 30 years of history, which has managed to preserve its atmosphere and
cheerfulness of being something “old in a very modern way.”  This is a place that if you are in town, you
definitely don’t want to miss.

It is the most fun, to get to know a city through its nightlife. So I hope you enjoy your stay in Queretaro, but most of all, I hope you enjoy your nightlife in QUERETARO…

By the way if you want to meet Mexican women before your travel to Queretaro, HERE IS THE MEETING GIRLS FROM Queretaro. %80 Girls from Mexico (may not be specifically from Queretaro but overall Mexico.) and real girls who want to meet with foreigners to go with them. They are good girls trust me. Good luck. (Website is paid but worth to pay if you are serious to find Mexican women)

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