Rachel Weisz’s Dead Ringers: Trailer, Plot, Release Date






Rachel Weisz will portray not one but two corrupt doctors in a new interpretation of 1988 medical thriller “Dead Ringers.” In Prime Video’s forthcoming adaptation of David Cronenberg’s movie of the same name, the actor stars as identical twin physicians, Elliot and Beverly Mantle, who share everything: including drugs, lovers, and a ruthless desire to do whatever it takes to challenge the limits of medical ethics.

On Feb. 28, Prime Video released the first teaser for the sinister series, followed by an exclusive clip and first-look photos on March 14. While the clips and photos make it clear that the show will be as bloody and disturbing as the original, the latest trailer, which arrived on March 29, shows that it’ll also explore the Mantle twins’ complicated relationship and fierce ambitions. “It’s impossible to explain this relationship to anyone outside of it,” one of Weisz’s twins says in the preview.

The original “Dead Ringers” starred Jeremy Irons as identical-twin gynecologists who often seduce their patients. When one of the brothers falls in love with a patient, though, it leads to a rift between the twins that ultimately has deadly consequences. The story was loosely inspired by the true story of Stewart and Cyril Marcus, two identical-twin gynecologists who lost their licenses and were later found dead of barbiturate overdoses in the latter’s Manhattan apartment.

While it’s not entirely clear how much the new series will rely on the movie’s source material, it seems likely that Weisz’s twin doctors will follow in the macabre footsteps of their inspirations.

The “Dead Ringers” series was created, written, and executive produced by Alice Birch, known for “Normal People” and “Succession,” and produced by Amazon Studios and Annapurna Television. “This series is a thrilling tale about ambition, self-interest, and the manipulation of power,” said Annapurna Television founder Sue Naegle, per a press release. “Rachel’s unequivocal depth as an actor make her the perfect person to bring the new Mantle twins to life in Alice’s fresh take on the original, which will no doubt be even more twisted.”

Learn more about the new “Dead Ringers” ahead — from the cast and plot to the show’s release date.

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