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Annabel Leventon and Tim Hardy in The Journey to Venice, Finborough Theatre, Mar 23. Photo: Simon Annand

What do you do when your escape mechanism from the pain of past events is no longer available to you?

Edith (Annabel Leventon) and Oscar Tellman (Tim Hardy) enjoyed travelling when they were younger and able. It was diverting – a distraction. But now, in their later years, their bodies and budget don’t allow them to venture far outside their flat. So they improvise.

Bjorg Vik’s play invites you into the world of Edith and Oscar, and it is a world full of literature, poetry, imagination, and pretend travels.

There is teasing, laughter, vivid recollections, sensible shoes and packed lunches. So evocative are their recreated trips that plumber Christopher (Nathan Welsh) and home help Charlotte (Vivian) both get drawn in, ‘travelling’ with them to Venice.

But bubbling underneath the fun are financial worries and a deep-rooted hurt. Oscar doesn’t always remember, and Edith uses that to cover up their money troubles while finding ways to generate some extra cash to supplement his pension.

Leventon and Hardy make an excellent stage couple, convincing as partners who’ve lived a life of love and tragedy together, comfortable and occasionally irritated by each other’s company.

While the play reflects on regret and missed opportunities, it is refreshing to see the fun, familiarity and comfort in each other’s company the two share. 

Sometimes the story and poetry readings are a little long – although the ‘awkward’ passage reading from Lady Chatterley’s lover was very amusing.

The Journey to Venice is a funny play, charming and bittersweet, and I’m giving it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Journey to Venice, Finborough Theatre

Written by Bjorg Vik, translated by Janet Garton

Directed by Wiebke Green

Running time: 1 hour and 15 minutes without an interval

Booking until March 25; for more information and to book tickets, head to the Finborough website.

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