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School Starts At 7:00 AM / Me At 6:99 AM is a series of POV videos and phrasal templates depicting people’s reactions when they are late to school. The phrase is most commonly captioned with the purposely wrong time “6:99 A.M,” instead of “7:59 A.M,” and random videos featuring animals sleeping. The meme format was popularized on TikTok in August 2022, inspiring other meme content related to wrong time usage like work, fitness and etc.


The first post available using the wrong time “6:99 AM” format comes from the Brazilian TikToker @claudiofariias dating back to November 3rd, 2021. The video is a comedy in which he uses the overlay texts in Portuguese “school starts at 7 AM” and “me at 6:99 AM.” The video garnered 709,000 plays and 131,300 likes in two years. (seen below)

@claudiofariias pois é #faleitoleve #foryou #fyp ♬ som original – ♡★Heyttor☆♥︎


The phrasal template in Portuguese became popular around August 2022 with Brazilian TikTok users. For example, @kittyyurimeamea posted a video of a Capybara taking a bath with the overlay texts in Portuguese “school starts at 7 AM” and “me at 6:99 AM.” The video (seen below) received 10,900 plays and 1,200 likes in a year.

@kittyyurimeamea ♬ som original – ✧◝(⁰



On January 14th, 2023, TikTok user @luffy.editor90 shared a video of a dog sleeping with an alarm sound and the overlay texts “school starts at 8 AM” and “me at 7:99.” The video received 5.7 million plays and 844,200 likes in three months. (seen below)

@luffy.editor90 #meme #blowthisup #funny #school #dogmeme #sleepingdogmeme ♬ Originalton – Nizar

A few days after the original video went viral, other variations of the “me at 6:99 AM” meme appeared on TikTok. The sound of the video accumulates 4,400 other videos uploaded on the platform, as of March 2023. For example, on January 17th, 2023, user @onlypill posted the overlay text “school starts at 7:00” on top of a video of a kitty sleeping heavily. The post (seen below, left) garnered 6.2 million plays and 964,400 likes in three months. Four days later, user @333chrstmaz shared a video of a dog sleeping with the overlay texts “the bus gets here at 8 AM” and “me at 7:99AM.” The post (seen below, right) received 6.7 million plays and 982,700 likes in three months.

@onlypill Real #fyp #fypシ #viral ##relatable##pnda_cr ♬ Originalton – Nizar
@333chrstmaz I sleep for 5×4[3d+9] hours #fypシ #fyp #sleeping #dogmeme #school ♬ Originalton – Nizar

Various Examples

@juniorcaldeiraoo ♬ som original – Barbie grew 🧚🏾‍♀️
@niro_x1 #trending #viral #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Jonathan Banks
@renaeb321 they still make it in time😭 #edp445 #black #fyp #destroylonely #carti #opiumlabel #deftones #misfits #foryoupage #foryou #school #thugshaker #thug #rumshaker #edp445 #yolo #ohio #real #travisscott #blackppl #blackpplbelike #slideshow #chicken #math #mathclass ♬ Originalton – Nizar
@inzn7 💀💀 #math #school #dog ♬ Originalton – Nizar

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