Sharon Leaves Crimson Lights (Finally), This is Allowed on Y&R?






Sharon leaves Crimson Lights in Genoa City on Young & the Restless. How is this possible? Y&R fans had assumed she sleeps in her office.

Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) has not been seen outside of the coffeehouse for months. It’s almost like the City of Genoa City had invisible fencing set up so she could not leave the premises.

Now that Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) has asked her to attend the gala to celebrate 200 years of Genoa City, Sharon can leave Crimson Lights.

By the way, where the hell is Chance Chancellor (Connor Floyd)? Why isn’t Chance taking Sharon to the gala?

This week’s Weekly #WTF on the Y&R

Sharon Leaves Crimson Lights To Be With Adam Newman on Y&R

Sharon Rosales has finally left the Crimson Lights building. Since when is this allowed? All Sharon has been doing for months has been pouring coffee, consoling coffeehouse guests, & flirting with Chance Chancellor.

Sharon leaves Crimson Lights after flirting with Chance Chancellor, Y&R.

Where has Chance Chancellor been, by the way?

Sure, he’s likely fighting crime & protecting Genoa City residents, but Chance hasn’t enjoyed a coffee or a cocktail as of late. Also, where is Chance Chancellor actually living? Perhaps he’s still at the Chancellor Estate as it appears Abby Newman-Abbott-Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) is now shacking up full-time with her new lover Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) at his penthouse.

Crimson Lights Customer Service, Low Cut Shirts & An Open Ear

Sharon’s counseling services have been limited to providing prompt cups of coffee, a low-cut shirt, & an open ear to Crimson Lights guests… Even Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John).

Sharon talking with Tucker at Crimson Lights, Y&R.

While Sharon’s customer service is almost always 110%, what happened to her actual counseling career? Wouldn’t it make sense to either have her office set up for patients or adjoining office space to provide care?

Sharon Leaves Crimson Lights With Adam, What’s Next on Y&R?

Not only has Sharon left Crimson Lights, but she also left there with Adam in a stunning gown.

Sharon is beautiful.

Adam Newman has been through a lot lately. Even so, he has not retreated back to former lovers Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) or Sharon.

Sharon leaves Crimson Lights with Adam Newman on Y&R.

Do you think Sharon was the easiest solution for Adam without a date to the gala? What if Adam & Sharon kiss at the gala in front of Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) & Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope)?

Otherwise, what do you think about Sally’s baby bump?

Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) had some thoughts…

Be sure to stop by Not My 1st Day Watching Y&R for more of The Young & the Restless scoop.

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