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Salas the Serbian Traditional Farm. Word Salas represent a property. Property that includes a House and a Business Facility. House is obviously build for residency. Business Facility is related to a barn. Serbian Barn is an agricultural building. Agricultural or Farming is a work of producing crops, cultivating soil and raising Livestock. Hope that we explain it well what word SALAS means in Serbia. At least till this age. Keep on reading.


New Age Salas


Salas or on Serbain Salaš. Back in the days SALAS use to be a place for farmers to live and do agricultural work. Since these places were kept away from the modern age Internet, social media and modernisation. They organically become an attraction. There is a demand from People from all over the world  to discover how did life looked alike centuries ago. So attraction itself plus need for an attraction made a business opportunity for some of Salasi entrepreneurs. Some of owners of these places seen an opportunity to transform SALAS from agriculture and residency into agriculture, residency and hospitality. So the NEW age of SALASI has been born!


Serbia SALAS

Peace & Serenity. Escape the busy City Life. Stay at SALAS. The authentic rural Serbian Farm experience.




What to expect from a visit?


Serbia can be discovered on many ways. Some people come for the world famous Nightlife. Others come to stay and work remotely. While some come to seek for peace, old times and creativity at Serbian Farm SALAS.

Salas is the place where you can stay a night or for a month. Usually these places are located away from a Village. So you will stay out from civilisation. You will learn how remote Farm life looks alike. You will be surrounded with greenery and nature. Food will be organic and tasty. You will have a lot of time to relax away from a city life. Learn Culture of Old times. Enjoy in Nature. Learn new things. Meet lovely locals.


Boost your Creativity!


Escape in the nature. Away from your comfort zone. Good sleep and a lot of walks. Study shown that moving from one location to another might boost your creativity. Salas might just be your perfect escape into creativity.


Experience of your life time!


  • Traffic sound will be replaced with sound of the Nature


  • Fast Food replaced with Serbian Organic Traditional Food


  • Your room will be replaced with a cozy village room


  • City polluted smell with Smell of the Nature


  • Fake city people with curious natural down to ground Village people



How long should I stay in SALAS?


You can stay for a lunch. You can stay a night, week or a month. There are different reasons why people decide to join this adventure. Some Families like to visit Salas for a lunch or a dinner. Have a taste of a nature and go back to their lives at the same day. Some are looking for a place to stay for a while. We encourage you to book your stay for a while. Bring your lap top and books. You can work from your lap top during the day connected to a local Wi-Fi or your hotspot troughs Serbian Sim CARDS. No worry about Internet at all. These Escape might be the best thing that you have ever done.




The right place to recharge your batteries and escape from the city noise. Very close to Novi Sad the second biggest city in Serbia. This place offers high end culinary and cultural experience. The whole set up is laid back in beautiful rustic area. Peace, quiet with greenery. Horses in barns, walking routs and park for children.

Salas in Serbia Vojvodina

Afternoon at Salas 137.


SALAS Sedam Dudova


Magical Experience. Located close by to the town of Sombor. Phenomenal place own and run by 3 lovely ladies and best friends. Lawyer, Veterinarian and Music Professor. With persistence and enthusiasm they have made a Fairy Tale place. Owners are kind and helpful. Really good homie food. Prices are friendly. Contact them directly by clicking on this page: Salas Sedam Dudova.


Salas in Serbia

Salas Sedam Dudova is ready to welcome you for a delicious lunch.


SALAS Djeram


Salas Djeram promote rural tourism, cultural and artistic programs. They organise art colonies, concerts and folk events. Salas Djeram is located around 2 hours from Belgrade. To be precise 130 km from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. The house was built back in the 1925 in a typically rustic style. They offer 4 cozy rooms for visitors. Workshop for making clay objects, a brandy oven, a children’s playground and a spacious yard.

Perkov SALAS

Beautiful authentic place. Indeed Serbian Traditional lunch experience. Homie style with a Great service. Surrounding nature is magnificent.

SALAS Stojsic


Get ready! Entering to this place will make you to slow down. The perfect escape from the busy lifestyle. This authentic farm is surrounded by arable land. Nestled among plums, apples, pears and quinces. Good home made food with huge portions. Great looking place with excellent service.




You might be wondering about these few things.


How to spend your time?


City life can be notorious. At SALAS you will Relax and slow down. Experience peace and serenity. Place for absence of stress and anxiety. Get back to the nature. Breathe and meditate. You can set up you work lap top time. Learn how does farm life looks alike. Learn to cook some famous Serbian Food dishes. Walk and ride bicycle in the nature. Read a book in shade of a trees. At some places you might go fishing at rivers and lakes. Everything else is your own adventure. Enjoy.


Salasi in Serbia

Spend your day in Nature reading a Book.



These Farms are located at the northern part of Serbia. To be precise at Vojvodina. Most of SALAS places are located 1-2 hours by car from the Serbian Capital Belgrade.


How to get to there?


You can get there with a car rental or by local bus till one point. From there your Farm host will pick you up. As well you can get a private taxi ride. Our tip is to Nego about the price. Ask for the best price deal. You could also go with your local buddies.


How to choose the BEST SALAS in Serbia?


Check on these page for our recommendation. On top of that Google for reviews.


What kind of food to except?


Food is one of the best parts of this adventure. Quality, tasty and hips of to choose from. Food heaven to be precise.


How does a room look alike?


Accommodation is easily described as traditionally bohemian. Simple, Cozy and Clean. Overall very nice.




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