TikTok Star Brooklyn Queen Has Stalker Claiming To Be Her Mom






Brooklyn Queen, a rapper, and influencer with millions of followers has had her life changed forever by one follower in particular.

That follower is a woman named Jennifer Castro and she claims that she is Brooklyn’s mother. Brooklyn claims that Castro has been reaching out to her with these bizarre claims for over five years.

Woman Claims To Be Mother Of Brooklyn Queen, Steps Into The Shade Room For Exclusive Interview

She’s even attempted to get law enforcement involved despite the fact that Brooklyn was raised by both of her biological parents and they have the birth certificates and DNA results to prove it.

Jennifer Castro is now stepping into The Shade Room to tell her side of the story. After years of outreach, and even threats to kidnap Brooklyn and “bring her home” no legal action has been taken.

Could Castro just be confusing Brooklyn for her own daughter that may still be out there somewhere?

How far is too far? The Shade Room investigates…

Brooklyn Receives Unnerving DM Before CPS And Cops Showed Up To Question About Her Well-Being

Brooklyn Queen’s popularity has skyrocketed over the years, now boasting two million followers on Instagram, seven million followers on TIkTok.

She’s perhaps best known for her trendy social media dances, as well as her hit song “Keke Taught Me,” which put her on the map when she was just five years old.

For Brooklyn, it’s not unusual to get strange DMs here and there, but things got really bizarre when she got a message from a woman who said “Mommy misses you… I love you.”

She didn’t really think much of it at first, because she knows who her parents and she’s been with them since birth.

But it’s now led to a years-long ordeal that has changed Brooklyn’s life, especially when Child Protective Services and police showed up at her door asking about her well-being.

“I’m thinking ‘it’s just like, a fan…’ Some people do things for attention,” Brooklyn told TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter.

However, it’s been a back-and-forth now for five years.

“So one day I’m looking through my friend requests and I see a lady in there, and she’s like ‘ mommy misses you… I’m your mom’ and I’m like ‘what? The only mom I know is the mom I have literally known my whole life.’”

Then-13 Year-Old Met With CPS Investigators, Mother Cooperates, Provides Birth Certificate

Brooklyn ignored the woman for the longest time, until she was in Atlanta on a business trip with her mother Kimberly.

There, she got a phone call fro the police back home in Michigan, who told her to go to the nearest police station she could. She says she was online 13-years-old at the time.

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“So I go to the police station, and they’re all like “are you okay, are you being held against your will?’ and all of this. And I’m like 13 at the time,” she went on to say.

They immediately flew home to meet with investigators from Child Protective Services, who questioned if she was a victim of sex trafficking, or being drugged, if anyone was holding her against her will…

She and her family cooperated with authorities, even submitting birth certificates and legal documentation that Brooklyn Queen is the daughter of Kimberly Littlefield. Investigators reportedly accused Kimberly of faking birth certificates and photoshopping pictures., Brooklyn says.

DNA Test Proves Brooklyn Is 99 Percent Kimberly Littlefield’s Daughter, However Other Woman Insists She’s Her Mother

Brooklyn, who is now 17-years-old, went on the Dr. Phil show last month and completed a DNA test.

Those results found that she was 99 percent Kimberly’s child, leaving very little room for any further conjecture on who her mother is.

When confronted with these facts by The Shade Room‘s Justin Carter, the woman in question – Jennifer Castro – who scoffed at the DNA test and claimed “money talks.”

“DNA tests don’t like, but money talks. They got the money to switch up the DNA… I know that’s my daughter.”

She claims she put Brooklyn up for adoption when she was just four-years-old. They were homeless and living in a shelter at the time, before they got kicked out.

Castro also claims she was the one to name Brooklyn, and added she “has a tattoo on me that has her name.” She then proceeded to show TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter a forearm tattoo that indeed bared Brooklyn’s name.

Brooklyn Says She’s Traumatized From The Situation, Police Say No Charges Against Castro

She believes that Kimberly knows someone in the adoption agency who’s keeping Brooklyn from knowing the truth.

Meanwhile, Kimberly Littlefield insists that Castro has her daughter confused with someone else, to which Castro said was completely untrue.

“A part of me was trying to have some compassion, like, maybe her daughter is missing.. but it’s like, at what expense?” Kimberly told Dr. Phil.

Brooklyn says the entire situation has traumatized her.

We’re told that police will not be following up with any charges against Castro, because she lives out-of-state and does not pose an imminent threat. However, we were also told that Brooklyn is now weighing out her legal options to get Jennifer Castro to leave her alone.

TSR Investigates explores cold cases and special interest news stories underrepresented in mainstream media.

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