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There’s no doubt that Timothée Chalamet was born to be a star. Maybe it’s his ambitious Capricorn stellium or musical Pisces moon, but Chalamet’s astrological placements are a significant factor behind his success.

Although Chalamet is undoubtedly accomplished at just 27 years old, he is really just getting started, according to astrology. Chalamet has officially entered his Saturn return, which means that transit Saturn will eventually return to the same sign, degree, and house as his natal Saturn over the next three years. Since Saturn rules over hard lessons, timing, responsibility, and structure, Chalamet’s Saturn return will push him to his professional and personal limits to grow as an individual. Although Saturn returns are not necessarily easy, Chalamet’s diligent Capricorn stellium is ready to do the work!

Over the next few years, we may see Chalamet taking on more challenging acting roles that are way outside his comfort zone, which could also arguably set him up for success if he were to win an award or execute a soon-to-be legendary performance. Aside from acting, Chalamet may find that this is the time when he experiences major personal milestones like getting married or having his first child. Keep an eye on Chalamet over the next three years since he’s due for an incredible personal and professional come-up!

But that’s not all since Chalamet’s birth chart also reveals that he’s destined for an incredible career path, professional reputation, and success through artistic expression. Let’s dive into Chalamet’s chart to see what his astrological placements have to say about his success!

The Big Three

The core components of any birth chart would be the big three: the sun sign, the moon sign, and the rising sign. All three placements summarize your personality, emotional reactions, intuition, first impression, and look. Depending on what zodiac sign corresponds with each placement, this adds even more depth about the placement and how it can show up in your life. If you would like to calculate your big three, then you will need your birth date, time, and place. Since Chalamet’s information is available online, we’re able to view and analyze his birth chart!

Capricorn Sun

The sun sign is arguably one of the most important parts of your birth chart since some astrologers argue that the sun sign can dictate anywhere between 80 to 90 percent of your personality. Since the sun sign is significant, it rules over your core ego and how you embody your vitality. Capricorn sun has a CEO mindset since this hardworking sun sign is notably responsible and driven to be professionally successful. Like his sun sign, Chalamet has always been a busy bee. He began taking on roles in popular television shows and movies back in 2008, which eventually allowed Chalamet to get to where he is today.

The funny thing about Capricorn suns is that these sun signs are like the Benjamin Buttons of the zodiac. Typically, Capricorn sun is known to be mature at such a young age, but this sun sign seemingly ages backward as it gets older. There’s no doubt that Chalamet is a notably mature individual, especially with beginning his career so early in life and focusing on honing his craft for years. But as Chalamet gets a little older, we’re beginning to see a lighter, funnier side to his serious Capricorn sun that has made an appearance on “Saturday Night Live” and when sharing personal stories in his press interviews.

Pisces Moon

If the sun sign is an outward expression of your personality, then the moon sign is the inward expression since this is your secret self. The moon sign represents how you express, process, and appraise your emotions on a more introverted level. Pisces moon is usually very empathetic since this moon sign tends to wear its heart on its sleeve. Chalamet’s sensitive Pisces moon has an incredible emotional range, which undoubtedly shines in his roles. From “Call Me By Your Name” to “Little Women,” Chalamet’s lunar power allows him to channel and empathize with each of his unique roles to produce a deeply moving performance.

Aside from being a sentimental softy, Chalamet’s Pisces moon is also notably artistic since Pisces is a fantastical, whimsical water sign. Since acting is his Pisces moon’s artistic expression, it’s no wonder that Chalamet prefers to dive into emotionally moving roles. While preparing for his role in the upcoming film “Bones and All,” Chalamet shared his thoughts on what it means to be an artist in this society, saying, “And, without being pretentious, that’s why hopefully movies matter, because that’s the role of the artist . . . to shine a light on what’s going on.” Chalamet’s views on what it means to be an artist perfectly capture his sensitive Pisces moon!

Virgo Rising

While the sun and moon sign placements are our truest selves, it might not be immediately noticeable since the rising sign illustrates your first impression and even how you look. Given that Virgo rising is ruled by Mercury, the planet that’s associated with mental agility and communication, this may explain why Chalamet has a thespian identity. Aside from his acting career, Virgo risings usually opt for a more muted look, usually something more neutral than colorful and streamlined than avant-garde. No matter the occasion, Chalamet usually sports a clean, sleek look and mostly neutral colors. However, Chalamet isn’t afraid to opt for a more daring look now and again, which might be due to his Aquarius Venus!

When looking at the Whole Sign House system in astrology, Virgo Rising would have Capricorn ruling the fifth house of self-expression, creativity, and drama. This would mean that Chalamet’s Capricorn sun, Mercury, and Mars would become a stellium that’s placed in his fifth house. Chalamet’s fifth house stellium would represent his artistic side and acting capabilities since it can be known for drama and theatrics. Given that Chalamet’s stellium is in hardworking Capricorn, this would even imply that something he does for passion could turn into his career. No matter if it’s acting or eventually something else, Chalamet’s Capricorn stellium would ultimately set him up for pursuing whatever he loves to do as a career path.

Personal Planets

Similar to the big three, the personal planets signify other key traits in your birth chart and include Mercury, Venus, and Mars. These three placements can refer to your aesthetic, commitments, ambitions, and communication skills. Personal planets would likely manifest in Chalamet’s interview responses, acting capabilities, and sense of style.

Capricorn Mercury

When it comes to communication and mental agility, this is Mercury’s domain! Usually, Capricorn Mercury has a mature, if reserved, communication style and a dry sense of humor. Although Chalamet is best known for taking on ambitious roles, his Capricorn Mercury’s humor isn’t lost on us after seeing him on “Saturday Night Live” and finding out he’s a huge fan of cracking fart jokes on set.

Aquarius Venus

In astrology, Venus is the planet that rules over love and beauty. Aquarius Venus is a quirky placement to have since this Venusian energy prefers friendship over romance, ingenuity over traditional beauty, and has a unique outlook on values. Chalamet’s Aquarius Venus is evident in his relationships with fellow costars, like praising how much he enjoys working with Zendaya in “Dune.” Although he has formed lovely friendships with his cast mates, Chalamet’s Aquarius Venus isn’t too romantically inclined, which may explain why Chalamet’s love life isn’t a current trending topic. Since Aquarius Venus would also have an unconventional take on fashion, this placement would give him a unique flair.

Capricorn Mars

Mars is associated with sex and ambition. When Mars is in the sign of Capricorn, this placement tends to be structured and remarkably ambitious. Plus, Capricorn Mars is exalted, meaning that it’s an auspicious placement! It makes perfect sense that Chalamet would be blessed with exalted Martian energy, which is evident as he preps for his Bob Dylan biopic while warming his vocal cords for his musical numbers in “Wonka.” His driven Capricorn Mars can quite literally do it all, but you might still be wondering how Chalamet’s Capricorn Mars plays into his sex appeal. Since Capricorn is associated with bones in medical astrology, it’s no wonder that people are mesmerized by Chalamet’s sharp, seductive jawline.

Image Source: Getty / Karwai Tang and Photo Illustration: Aly Lim

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