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1. Keep it as natural and authentic as possible for the scene to work best. It’s not about trying to show your range in a few lines. The audition will actually pop more if you make it seem as effortless as possible – NOT when you try too hard to do something special in the scene. 

2. Be professional in the room. I know that sounds obvious, but we need to know that you will act professionally and be easy to work with… that you will support the lead actors (sometimes celebrities) in the scene and on set in general. 

3.  As with any size role, come into the audition room, be pleasant, do your good work and leave. There is a tendency to try to chat and engage the room since sometimes there’s not a lot of material. That’s unnecessary and will distract us all from the audition experience – which really is all about the scene. 

4. Understand the importance of Co-Star roles.  Think of Co-star role as a supporting rock in a rock wall – where without you, the wall/ the scene falls apart. 

5. Take the Co-star audition as seriously as if it were a lead. Co-star roles can lead to bigger roles. Not only are you making an impression on the Casting Director in the room, but if you book it and handle it well, sometimes more is written for the role – OR, if you cross paths with the filmmakers/ showrunners in the future, they may remember how you conducted yourself on set and that you delivered the goods, and it could serve you in getting a larger role later. 

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