Tyler Lepley Praises Miracle Watts’ Postpartum Body (VIDEO)






Tyler Lepley isn’t here for negative self-talk from his “wifey” Miracle Watts. Over the weekend, the actor publicly praised the mother of his youngest child as she appeared to have an emotional moment regarding her postpartum body.

Lepley took to his Instagram Story with footage of Miracle getting ready in a hotel room. At the start of the video, he says, “fat where,”–revealing Miracle’s mindset about her new figure. And rather than encourage doubts about her body, Tyler decided to make it “wifey appreciation day,” he said.

“Wifey appreciation post. The sacrifice you made for our son will never cease to amaze me,” Tyler wrote in the video. Adding, “Look how beautiful my baby is. 6 months postpartum.”

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After announcing their pregnancy in May, the couple welcomed their first child together in October. The news came after Miracle revealed in April that they had purchased a home together.

In Tyler’s ‘wifey appreciation post,’ he showered Watts with compliments as he recorded her outfit. She wore a thin-strapped white bodysuit with grey shorts and white Air Force 1s. Her hair appeared to be straightened with clips on either side.

Lepley moved the camera away and toward Watts–showing fans views of her face, stomach, and curvy figure.

“First of all, today is wifey appreciation day. Come on, let me get a little 360, girl. We talking about the most beautiful girl in the world. Hold on, y’all got to see this motherf***er up close,” Tyler said.

Meanwhile, Watts appeared to maintain a withdrawn demeanor while also wiping at the outside corners of both eyes. At one point, she asked him to “shut up” with a slight smile and chuckle.

But Tyler remained unphased. Instead, he doubled down on the praises and encouraged her to look at the camera before planting a kiss on her cheek.

“You look gorgeous, for real, you bouncing back,” Tyler told Watts.

He also repeatedly told Watts that he loves her. Then, as they walked out of their hotel room, Lepley continued boosting his lady–even jokingly warning a custodial employee to back up as “the most beautiful girl in the world” walked by.

“She looking good, ain’t she? That’s all mine right there,” Lepley told the employee before turning his attention to Watts again. “Yeah, hit that walk girl. Let that sh*t switch a lil’ bit… I see you switching that big…up.”

Miracle Watts Previously Opened Up About Postpartum Struggles

In October, she shared a mirror selfie of her bare stomach, including its post-pregnancy stretch marks. She revealed she hesitated to post the pictures at the time but wanted to “keep it real.”

“I was going back and forth on posting…But then I was like F$&@ it, somebody has to keep it real (it’s my duty to moms)! Not every woman snaps back without hard work. This is coming from a person whom everyone thought was going to snap back with no stretch marks (beautiful stories). I just wouldn’t feel like my authentic self to continue posting and hiding who I am today.l I’m not perfect neither is my body, I’m a mother, and I AM PERFECTLY me!!! Love yourself through it all & KEEP IT SEXY!”

Watts also gave fans a postpartum body update in early February. In the comments, Tyler wrote. “ain’t nobody f**kin w my baby.”

Before giving birth, Miracle also took to Instagram to share motivation for struggling entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, the clip, in which Miracle claimed to have kids (plural) to feed, sparked an online dispute with the mother of Lepley’s first two children.

In February, Lepley gave an update on the relationship between Miracle and his other co-parent, April King. He said, “it’s a process,” but added that “it’s better than it was” with “a little way to go.”


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