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With our Verified initiative quickly becoming one of Marble Cards favorite additions of the community, we also wanted to highlight a few additional ways in which creatives and project owners can benefit as well. Creatives can now set their own signatures prices in MEM, earn 20% of the secondary sales on our site and it provides a chance to give back to their community. It’s an effective way to engage with your fans and potential collectors by offering them a personal touch with your signature! With more collectors looking for new ways to collect and creatives exploring different avenues of promo, we feel introducing the exploration of Marble Cards to your fans is a great addition. Our community has already started their own contests in Discord. We will highlight two specific ones by Malikaii and Patzo today but look forward to seeing more Verified Artists and projects utilizing Marble Cards to spread their art and message.
Remember… if you’re Verified then this applies to you as well anon!

EMOJI Arena by Malikaii

An EMOJI POP hodler exclusive contest that used a Marble Cards Arena to reward their community and continuing the spread of self-expression with emojis along with a fantastic special edition created specifically for the winner of the #1 spot!

With emojis being the modern day hieroglyphics, Malikaii chose to highlight the importance of their existence by giving them his own twist with EMOJI POP. Adding his take with hand drawn emojis, insightful titles and paint splatter, these were perfect for marbling! We’re happy to see community artists take part in continuing to spread the good vibes we’ve focused on from the start.

Discord Announcement

Pepe Arena Rejuvenation with Mr. Reier and Rare Apepes by Patzo

One of Marble Cards most passionate collectors out there teamed up with Mr. Reier and even brought in the Rare Apepe community for some marbling fun! It’s not like we need a reason to submit Pepe art but with this contest a 1/1 Pepe art piece was given away including RAYC and ZAYC NFTs and cards signed by the creator Rare Designer himself for the top 5 winners. This event makes great sense when people talk about community driven content, a passionate community member working with an artist and project they love to bring some fun to their community.

Discord Announcement
Verified Creators Hall on Voxels

If you are or know an artist interested in applying to our Verified list, please apply HERE.

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