(VIDEO) ‘Stolen’ Ice Spice Queen Chain Was Just A TikTok Hoax






Ice Spice was not the victim of chain-snatching as suggested in a recently-circulated video, and was instead reportedly a TikTok hoax meant to drum up some viral attention.

The clip, which has over 6.7 million views as of Thursday, shows a man flaunting Spice’s iced-out “Queen” necklace in a video posted to social media on Wednesday.

Viral Clip Appearing To Show Stolen Ice Spice Chain Was All A TikTok Hoax, Rapper Says

The footage prompted genuine concern for the music artist, however it turns out the whole thing was nothing more than a prank, according to TMZ.

The TikToker who posted the video received widespread backlash for appearing to have robbed a woman of her chain.

However, a source close to the rapper told the outlet that Ice has never even owned the piece of jewelry.

The “Queen” brand happens to belong to Nicki Minaj, while Ice has mostly worn a custom-made “Isis” pendant throughout the last few years.

She upgraded her current $100K chain in January after dropping her “Like…?” EP, and showed it off when she met Kim Kardashian and North West, in a heartwarming – and authentic – viral moment.

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Social Media Reacts To Ice Spice’s TikTok Hoax Prior To Learning It Was A Prank

Social media initially was none the wiser to the hoax, with many commenting on how stupid it is for the alleged chain-snatcher to boast of his crime on social media.

Another posted: “How you steal Ice Spice chain? For what? TF. I hate ppl yo.”

“They stole ice spice chain?! Hold up,” a third wrote.

Another fan tweeted: “Let me go get my good sis Ice Spice chain back.”

“Streets saying ice spice got robbed of her chain, respectfully I may have to slide.”

Twitter Lashes Out At Ice Spice After Learning Entire Thing Was Faked For Internet Clout

Meanwhile, fans weren’t happy upon learning the whole thing was a prank, with some deeming Ice an internet troll for the stunt.

“Internet Trolls, just as Glorilla rapper about!”

One fan concurred, tweeting: “That TikTok clout be having people do all kinds of weird crap for views.”

“Cops SHOULD still arrest those IDIOTS for impersonating a robbery,” a third posited.

What do you say, Roomies? Did Ice Spice go too far for viral clout or are people overreacting?

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