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Do you want to know what the same game Parlay in sports betting is? In this article, you will find details about it. Legal sports betting is expanding worldwide, and the competition is heating up. Therefore, online sports betting sites and apps are getting more creative to stand out. Many sportsbooks provide unique ways to increase your winnings through sports betting promotions. A recent trend swept across the industry is sports books eschewing the long-held practice of rejecting the same game parlay or one game parlay from customers.

Instead, they are marketing the ability to bet them. Additionally, they are also throwing them smack deb on the home page. One game parlay is when you bet on numerous aspects of one sporting event. It is undeniable that it is one of the most popular ways to bet on sports. Bettors love an opportunity at a big return for a modest investment. This short guide will give you complete information about this new betting trend.

Same Game Parlay:

It is becoming one of the most popular types of parlay betting. This type of parlay betting is also famous as the name of One Game Parlay or Single Game Parlay. The same game parlay consists of correlated bets. Bettors can use them to string together multiple markets from the same game, often in pursuit of huge payouts. However, correlated bets mean two or more bets. They are related so that the likelihood of one of the best winning is increased or decreased by the outcome of the other bets. 

How Does Same Game Parlay Work?

A parlay bet allows players to combine multiple bets into one bet. So, you can put anywhere from 2 to 10 outcomes on the average parlay bet slip. However, some parlay bets allow you to use up to 15allows for a huge payday. A same game parlay works the same for the most part. However, the major difference is that all outcomes are within one game instead of multiple games. Like a standard parlay, an SGP ticket can pay off big if Same Day Parlays win. To better understand this, here is an example that involves one game parlay on an NFL game:

Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston texas (+655 on Same Game Parlay)

  • Houston Moneyline = +225
  • Indianapolis vs Houston = over51.5
  • Jonathan Taylor is anytime touchdown scorer

This three-team One Game Parlay has the Texans on the money line, Colts, and Texas combining for the over, and a TD scorer. However, the common theme here is that every leg is within the same contest. You are not placing a bet on the Texas and Colts for one leg, Rams and Seahawks for another, and so forth. Many betting sites offer parlay insurance and free bets around same game parlay. Additionally, there are also a few betting sites that block players from making a correlated parlay bet.

Rules to Calculate Same Game Parlay:

The odds for Same Game Parlays depend on two key factors. First is the number of selections you include—second, the odds for each choice. However, the betting site sets the odds for the same game parlay as you include your choices to the slip. Interestingly, the calculations can lead to many differing odds for what seem to be similar bets. Usually, they are lottery ticket-type bets that have odds of 100 to 1. Creating your own Same Game Parlays is a fairly easy process. 

Pros of Same Game Parlay:

It is a fun way to put all your actions into one game. Maybe you like numerous outcomes in one contest yet don’t feel like making numerous bets. You can get numerous legs into a single bet without risking as much money in these situations. Moreover, you will also be playing for huge payouts on average with the same game parlay Bets. The riskiest bets can provide a larger payday worth over 1000x your stake. Our team has the same game parlays and smaller over-huge payouts than the average Money line wager. Several online sports books offer promotions surrounding the same game parlays. For instance, they might offer a risk-free bet, SGP insurance, or a free bet.


Same Game Parlays are enticing. They are a fun way for recreational bettors to get a big sweat without worrying about multiple games. Sports books try to maintain their house edge by decreasing the odds and payouts in the same game parlay. Despite that, bettors can still make the most of the opportunity by developing a theory about how the game will play and creating their same game parlays according to that.

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