Would I Lie To You’s Funniest Lies And Truths






The joy of this is that Bridges knows precisely how to lure David Mitchell into a frothing rage at the absurdity of his tale, keeping quiet in all the right places, and completely winding up Mitchell, the audience and even Rob Brydon as he seemingly innocently struggles to stick to his story. It’s pure, unadulterated chaos, and it’s wonderful.


2. Rob Brydon’s Cuddle Jumper

There isn’t a second of this clip that isn’t hysterically, laugh-out-loud funny. The vision of Rob and his wife wearing that obscenely ugly orange jumper together is amusing enough, but Nick Hewer’s suggestive facial expressions while he and Rob model the jumper leads to one of the few instances in the show’s history where we see David Mitchell absolutely beside himself with laughter, and it’s a joy to watch. Lee Mack getting inside Miranda Hart’s jumper, and their accidental synchronised speech, is the comedy cherry on the cake. Absolutely iconic.


1. Bob Mortimer: Theft And Shrubbery

If we had to pick the best Would I Lie To You? moment of all time, this would win hands down. It was the moment that took the show from good to iconic, and cemented Bob Mortimers’ reputation as the ultimate WILTY contestant. 

Where do we start with this one, where Bob claims to have played a childhood game called Theft and Shrubbery? There’s his description of his memories as “fingerprints on an abandoned handrail”. Then comes his school friends’ incredible nicknames – “Neil Overall – Gerry Dungarees’ son” and “Gary Cheeseman”, who has a big head, leading to the memorable line: “Sniper’s dream, they used to call him…”. And that’s before we even get to the game itself, which leads to the unforgettable image of him creeping through strangers’ gardens yelling “WE DO BEG YOUR PARDON, WE ARE IN YOUR GARDEN!” 

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